Friday, 19 February 2016

HWW:US, Indian Navies Planning Joint Patrols in South China Sea

US, Indian Navies Planning Joint Patrols in South China Sea: Officials say they're drafting ideas one year after leaders agreed to expand naval cooperation and ensure freedom of navigation in the SCS.

Whether or not this comes off the problems are only going to muliply. Traditionally the area was a RN beat until the whole engineered conflict of the early 20th century got out of hand. Plans extant in the latter half of 1945 had RN fleets recovering the whole zone, not Nimitz, but two big sticks put paid to that and the whole commie insurgency using nationalist cannon fodder took hold of the area.

Anyway to put it country simple and inverting the analogy.

Imagine that your old right of way where you strolled unhindered had been enclosed whilst you were laid up in hospital with two broken legs and smashed hips, so several years later you send your cousin to re-establish the abandoned right of way. Only the new management have built a massive lido complex smack across the now vanished pathway.

Do you think the security guys are going to be pleased as the hikers in their muddy boots demand access across the pool side and down into the clean waters uponwhich the floating cocktail drinkers are sunning themselves and listening to K-Pop?