Tuesday, 23 February 2016

HWW:Zither A Zippe de do dah Dither Z.

Spin up the isomers and the centrifuges of deception, the clown Kingdoms of Phukkwittery have come out to play.

There we have it. The HWW is bookended by two collections of fuckkwitz farting in close formation. What a stinking bunch of banksterkhaaants!!!

NK could have been taken out by an SAC equivalent of Operation Manna in 1955.

SK could have been taken out by one drop of sarin in a camel fart in 1945.

But no, the clown kingdoms had to be kept malfunctioning until they were required in the stage play of PanISISTempest.

Anyway I notice that the Jimmy C is back for “repairs” after the SSN equivalent of a trip to the shops.

What gives in the bookends?