Thursday 19 May 2011

No fire break, no fire brake.

This outburst is going to be a bit, how can one put it?, choppy. Hang on.

Image source.

Have you ever watched the flame front, say from a fallen piece of BBQ coal, a little ring of fire enlarge on short dry grass? Watched it spread out slowly combusting the long stems and any dried clippings? You may have, hands full with forks, tongs and fending of hungry pets, called upon the children nearby to just turn the hose on it or stamp it out if a mere annoyance. Of course if you haven’t tamped and damped the garden before hand, even in a North London garden, a call to all adults present to turn the soda streams and fizzy bottles on the burning orange lillies may go out. Either way control is quickly established and even the more experimental amongst us who delight in the slow, hopefully, progress of the flame front towards its eventual extinction can reflect that there are bounds to the flame front when the rational and careful are watchful (and prepared?).

What though if the flame front is never ending and would consume everything until the ends of the Earth?

That thought occurred when I looked at this image, of a woman?, (image source) being slowly chopped up. From the fingers and fatty bits, to the hip joints and shoulder joints, bit by bit whilst alive.

That is the human flame front consuming the clippings and dry stalks. A practice we thought we’d left behind when we became modernist iFaithful and iFatwa. A flame fronted for the banksters and high priests of money, the god baiting rabid rabbis, the mad mullahs and the fake fakirs shuffling into any appropriate iBelief handed to them by their godless god to stroke their iId and iEgo. This sight came again to Europe recently and will come again if we are not careful.

Their temporal flame, started millenia ago and now at the ends of the Earth for the first time in 65,000 years.

Where am I, where are we, in this great gardener’s barking Barbecue? In which stage of the fallow field, slash and burn cycle do we find ourselves?

Well from a purely personal point of view I look around the carbonised wasteland and see nothing but the green shoots of the heathen.

iHeathen. What do I mean? A little glimpse of the difference between heathen and non-heathen was afforded in a little ceremony witnessed in Dublin this week. The heathen sought to tamp out and extinguish the spiritual flame that had caused the temporal so much trouble over the past 800 years, finally. A final solution, which the heathen cannot get their tiny RISC mindsets to realise, is illusory. In another age the heathen used the CPSU, OGPU, NKVD, SS, KGB, STASI etc. to extinguish the non temporal believer. Today the IMF, World Bank, BIS, CFR, Xe etc. do the same. In the future it will somehow as yet unclear, though the method will repeat, be the young iGREEN. It is the exact same modus operandi. Get the young to focus on the temporal and get them to kill.

Why? Well this is one of the great secrets of the mystery schools I think. We’ll explore some of the dimensions to that at the other shop soon enough.

So back to the temporal.

I, and I’m sure you, find ourselves starved in a rich land so recently cleared of previous inhabitants. Charred remains of former life forms lie all around. Yet there they stand the heathen weeds . Happy. Contented to suck up the nutrients from the ground, a soil enriched by the deaths of so many others' bodies.

Faith. What is faith? Well picking up on parts of my recent drizzlings concerning the square heads, I’ll give an unreal example of what iFaith is. If one were to drop, sort of deus ex machina like, one of today’s iHeathen into a night op during the last big one there would be a glaring exposition of exactly how empty they are. For only by contrasting in such ridiculous ways can they be ripped from their current societal camouflage and exposed for the empty vessels and hollow vassals that they really are. From that extreme we might glimpse a little of what real faith might be.

You would I expect find the iFaithful crowded in some sort of American basketball type huddle chanting a repetitive nothing and high fiving before clambering into their iFaith inspired crate of tissue to go get cut down by rationalist Jazz Musik. Ironic isn’t it. Rationalist with real faith killing the iFauxfaith brigade who live in a designer offworld. What is it about the human condition that makes people so unaware that their certainties are given to them by the heathen? What is it about these fools that they spend their lives unawake pursuing ghosts and, handed to them on a plate, spirits? Why do they like the Kool-aided Paraquat of life?

I know it is an unreal thought experiment but I hope it highlights two things. TPTB want to create heathen with iFaith. TPTB will kill anyone with real faith. TPTB cannot stand the competition because deep down no matter how much power they acquire in this world. No matter how many flame fronts they start. No matter how many times they reassure themselves through their own rituals. No matter how often they gaze out over the fields of fools that they created. TPTB are empty.

That is why me and you, you and me, we are hungry.

Back to Eire. I mentioned earlier in this week as I was taking the piss out of the good USofA corp citizen that UKplc can only believe in rationing. Well a little while back UKplc also believed in attrition.

When the scum that inhabited the urban UKplc were getting swept up with their leaders in the 1915 onwards war to end all wars. I’ll bet Beelzebub warmed his feet for years afterwards on the incinerated souls of the fallen after that. Scum? Yes unrepresented dwarves that stalked the wastelands of the big cities. Those that were not kept from the flames by trade unionists and the reserved occupationistas. Their leaders? Yes, public school educated morons that believed they’d been bred to lead and did so by attrition of the scum. All you need to do is have unfailing faith in your destiny and a limitless supply of scum to attrit. Then when victory comes you can congratulate yourself that your system was the best after all.

It failed. As designed.

Though in Ireland the remove and replace, as usual, didn’t work. The remove bit had been accomplished however the poor obstinate islanders were not replaced by the iHeathen. So the land was put on the back burner for the annointed day. That is what happened this week in Dublin. TPTB reckon the replace bit has finally been achieved.

Go on then. If you are aboriginal bog standard you are getting stiffed by the degenerates in the IMF. If you’ve just dropped off the boat, plane or train and are one legged, of colour, displaced, butt welding, seam welding, transwelded mashed turnip human trafficked rent seeking clients of the IMF then you will get free everything and assistance to destroy the kind nation that welcomed you.

I know that’s not how the Irish think in the main, but I thought I might as well put it out here, because that is how it is.

There is no way that a stable society can be allowed to exist in any part of the world. The sacred mission of the heathen is to destroy it all and replace it with a monoculture of iHeathen with its associated global iFaith. Temporal amnesia.

Imagine if you will a sound and thriving society. What would its first responsibility be? To replace itself and not destroy its environment. It would also advise its young to keep an eye out for the iHeathen sneaking into view as so called refugees and those displaced persons fleeing self inflicted pretend persecution. Isn’t it amazing how these poor slobs, these eternally persecuted, these poor refugees always have the readies to travel the world and get into university and advanced seats of power and learning withn two generations. Isn’t it? That’s because they are pawns of the spawn. iHeathen playpieces of the heathen god on an iMission and sacred journey to change the alive to unalive and remake the world. Finish the work that hadn’t been completed.

My erse.

The Irish knew that the moronic toffs and the cretinised scum were not for them and TPTB let them off the leash until the square heads and Romanovs had been erased from history.

Now don’t be thinking I’m being selective in my name calling here. Oh no. These Nazis, this Nazi’s nutter, and these fascist fools are all in the same boat as far as your correspondent is concerned. Heathen. They all spring from that one Djinn biased moment when someone decided it was time to restart the flame front with Abraham (What's your real handle china?).

Also don’t be getting all misty eyed and thinking l‘ve gone soft in the head and fallen for that windy old fart Zach Sitchin stinking schtick. Have you read the djinn serving crap he and his kind produce? Have you looked at the heroes from the pre old testament, redacted bollox, tales? They are a bunch of decantedkuntcants!! A bunch of reduced instruction set following, inflated fools. iHeathen of the mystic past. Not to put too fine a point on it iNOAHide criminals, just like the clowns today.

So be careful USofA corp. You lot are getting the remove and replace iHeathen two step applied. Just like the Germans and the Russians.

So back to my BBQ. As I watched the flame front I wondered. Am I in the scorched lands or the soon to be scorched lands? Or both?

Well somewhere someone is playing a musical piece that controls the aggregated behaviour of the HAS. There are a theoretically infinite number of movements to the piece and the flame front chorus comes regularly. The assigned role of the iHeathen is to bring the work to a halt at the designed state as soon as possible. They are to engineer this ending, this stasis, no matter the body count because they have been told to do so by the djinn. It is their sacred duty and holy meme.

They are temporal, by their deeds shall ye know them.

They are coming again.

Wherever they go the flame front rapidly swallows.

Their god is an engineer. Purely temporal and we live between the flame fronts always. It is our choice if we want to get burned or not.

Our choice not theirs.

What about us?