Monday, 16 May 2016

HWW: Remember the 1950s and Quemoy?


War News Updates: China Is Building Weapons To Wipe-Out U.S. Bases I...: China's road-mobile ICBMs. Chinese Defense Washington Free Beacon : China Building Missiles to Strike Guam Ballistic and cruise ...


It is now 60 years since the ChiComms tested how much they could get away with under an assumed USSR strategic supremacy in ICBMs. At the same time their allies in London got to work sabotaging the inconvenient US strategic potential.

Well that was then an this is now.

ChiComm potential vis-à-vis US is now way beyond any need to land on Taiwan, politics will give it to the slavingcommiekreeps.

So once again we would look at the reportage as damping the reality of what we can expect once the ChiComms judge they have neutralised the US nuke umbrella, since RCE/LC agents have long ago neutered the nuke strike threat, and placed bitchboys as POTUS.

Expect politcally acceptable force majeure to be started soon. It will take a long while for the ChiComms to reach any real trip wire in the Pacific.