Friday, 20 May 2016

HWW:War News Updates: China Is Building Weapons To Wipe-Out U.S. Bases I...

War News Updates: China Is Building Weapons To Wipe-Out U.S. Bases I...: China's road-mobile ICBMs. Chinese Defense Washington Free Beacon : China Building Missiles to Strike Guam Ballistic and cruise ...

I take comfort from the fact that these analsysts, the products of the most advanced technical civilisation's edukayshun, are given license to broadcast in the clear. In fact they swarm like flies around infoturds.

The main propaganda background noise to this hyper littoral war, the biggest one, will iGREEN. So it will be prosecuted in a stealthy unseen robogenocide delivered to the managed iGodpod of the western herd, straight in the magnoramus' hands and heads, so they will have no idea what it was for and what is going on other than that they are justified in whatever it was they were originally fighting to support.

The political setup in USofA will be similar to that extant in Norway 1939, welcoming to aggression disguised as liberation. Oh and POTUS is going to like Vortigern, your 3/4/5 stars like Varus, your forces' intelligence like FHO/MI6/OSS riddled with 5th commulumnists and your politicos all bitchboys and boybitches terrified in case we see the photos.

Get ready.