Saturday 7 April 2012

Believe nothing sincerely and with blind certitude.

The ignorance of the micro aggregated infection to the multitude.

What is the vector?

That, which is needed to occupy the free individual. One slight mistake and the disease will infect the host. The old vector was human welfare. Today’s vector is animal welfare.

All have lost this battle so far, however that is because the xenomorph has been able to hide, skulk and fake need.

Like a fever ravaging its victim the affliction consumes the late adopters, though they are ignorant of what it is they believe in, the original meme bearers continue on to the next host and repeat their scam.

This topic has been pissing around again this past week or so.

So has this one.

The above referenced phekkwittery has been rattling around now, in various places and cyberfora, by paid agents for over a decade. Always with a Reduced Instruction Set Criminality of an arranged and confected fire work show to stun those who have long since left the MSM on the bog roll pile so that no question of arraignment need enter their heads. What makes you think that the soft tissue merchants aren’t pulling back sherbets with their nonMSM buddies making sure their scripts are in synch manipulating our soft tissues? 

White ninjas of the apocalypse are not going to arrest any banksters via Chinese secret societies, ever!

Just like the banksters' fabulous fables and their epochal theft, again. No arraignment. No MSM pointy questions. Just a degenerating state of perpetual watchfulness by the Lead Pill Pharmacy or State Employment Terminators to see who has converted approved publications into soft tissue and is sitting on the throne using their grey matter; as always the best place to cogitate.

So let us plug in the Babelbolloxphish and translate what is going down in the big picture so that one might spot the agents out here when peering in a finer resolution on such things as patsies, thermite and illegal aliens.

The synchronised, long planned events of 9/11, (and 7/7), were subcontracted to RCE/TA, because that is what it is there for, wet job zentral; as a small part of a much larger operation reaching back in time as far as one can stretch. The best way to get a handle on the events that have lead to the bankruptcy of the USofA corp. and the invasion of Europe is to peer into the gloom to when the war criminal and panda squeezer tooled over to Peking, soon to be RCE/BS, and reason the framework of scheduled events. From that reasoning to perhaps sketch the outline, if not the detail of the near future.

Nixon, hapless agent, and Kissinger, peace bringing war criminal Apiru, tooled into a destroyed nation and basically told the Maoist muppets that they were next on the gravy train, so let up on the local peasants and get ready to play their part in the coming destruction. Symbology, ever so important to the wielders of ersatz occult, necessitated that the panda got squeezed onto the world stage; WWF grooming here of animals more deserving of protection than mere human beings. One of the clues that this instruction from the war criminals to their Maoist pets is indeed what happened is the complete wet flannelled and limp wristed approach that the west, collectively, took to sanctions following Tiananmen Square. All obscured and obfuscated by our MSM who could not tell us anything factual.

I would ask you to compare and contrast the current Iran fiasco where we know the colour of their toothbrushes and skimpies, apparently. Our MSM seems replete with prescient facts and figures about the most secret goings on in that loverly country. Well I can reveal here that they are making it all up for I know, FOR A FACT, that this lad does not have a tooth brush. When he reclines at night, after prayers, and rests his weary head, just as he’s dropping off in peaceful slumber, an especially trained ecclesiastical pygmy night humming bird gently pecks any foreign matter from the meek cleric’s gnashers.

And as for the skimpies. I have it on good authority from a gentlewoman of Tehran that the fair maidens there do not use such garments; rather they favour the use of specially trained, whitest turtle doves to roost gently and protect their modesty thus. Why else do those ladies always look so happy?

Lies I tell you!

All of it has been nothing for over 70 years now. MSM? Do you believe it is anything other than a sweated confection excreted from the mad brain of so called western, read NOAHide, rabid barbaric news peddling?

So with the message delivered to the MaoNAOHide scions by the psychopaths in suits, the age old modus of transferring technology for war fighting and gelt for the payment of war footing got under way.

Who was going to pay for all this?

The cash cow of course.

Having bank rolled the heathen to destroy Russia and then supplied the tech and gelt to the Soviets to destroy Europe; who else? BTW if you think that the murdering clown Lenin was prescient, or some sort of crystal ball like his coheathenist Nostrabollox, when noting that the USSR would only last 70 years, well you ain’t got a clue. By the time the Big One was over USSR was on a short leash to RCE/NY and under instructions for two reasons. Foment more debt in the debt free USofA corp. by playing along in the Cold War AND quarantining the massive crime scene that stretched from Berlin to Vladivostok so that no one got wind of just how many Christians had been wiped off the face of the earth by the heathen and their red Talmudist NOAHide psychopathy. So the grain kept getting shipped from USofA corp. to USSR until somewhere around 1970, just when you start to read MSM coverage of anti-Semitism in the USSR,  the plans were kicked off to reduce the USSR to rubble, strip the USofA corp. of freedom and independence and get the Terminarotten Panda up and running.

With me so far?

So what about the firebase in RCE/TA then?

Let us just look at a certain progression in the supply of weaponry to the pirate base. At the start it was Commie and Nazi tech that, usually from the Reich Protectorate (and there is a big clue to something that never gets mentioned concerning Auschwitz) , that kicked things off before switching to French and UKplc kit, though mainly French, that’s who’s tech they stole via Switzerland to build their Kfirs.  However when the cabal of terrorists got their arses handed to them by USofA corp. during Suez, remember that USofA corp. the days when you still were shining upon a hill, the firebase, under instruction from RCE/LC, got into the administration’s leavers of power. That was a prime objective of state policy, get agents into the USofA corp. government machine. Ten years after Suez you get USS Liberty, again you never hear about what the Liberty heard, war crimes being committed against civilians. Just like being back in the Pripyet and Ukraine. Soon it is USofA corp. kit getting passed over to Tortuga sur Med. However all this is just part of a great big pattern to be observed throughout history. Theft and more theft. Only as long as the USofA corp. can hand over the gear, is it needed; just as their replacement is being built up by the RCE/Circus through theft and trickery.

So within this context we place two events. One that has happened and one yet to come, though it is being put in place as we watch.

The statement of our loud mouth, why are we being fed this poisoned chalice?

And the Muslim Brotherhood Wahhabi (NOAHide) curtain descending.

Firstly let us look at part of the relevant statement. Like Clark’s statement you only need to ask cue bono.

Now I know you might not dig this, but this is what the Babelbolloxphish says to me about the whole episode. That bit about “scrub them off the Earth” is the give away. Sounds almost……let me seeee…ah I know…thatwhich was deliberately mistranslated for MSM enemission.

Stand back, just a little more and the context reveals itself. No one asks

“What if the game plan needs such a disclosure BUT only when USofA corp. is too powerless, i.e. broke, to reach out and touch the cut throat dump? What if we are being guided deliberately into the trap of anti-monoheathenism”

And how wouldn’t the khazidroids protect themselves with their plan?

We are watching the cloak of protection descending as we sit and bitch about the bitchboys and boybitches. Don’t be getting all confused with the digging up the ground malarkey. That, as your correspondent has been mooting now for some years, is part of the memory enema being applied. For two reasons. One to make sure we are ignorant of our true past and all embarrassing items destroyed or removed from circulation. Two to allow the RCE/TA firebase to do as NOAHide has always done, make up given history.

That cloak of Wahbabiist Brotherhood gangsters will keep us well out of range of dishing the pirate base a good pummelling. As I noted a while back, a Harem Curtain is descending across the Med from Athens to Tunis. USofA corp. will be out of Europe soon and the EUSSR will turn green. Just as planned.

And deep behind that Curtain the RCE/TA will get on with taking the panda for a shed load of readies as it looks after the panda’s interests, its newest and closest buddy, at their end of the Silk Road. All the while pointing back out through the Wahhabi Curtain at those anti-shemites in the west who’ve woken up to what has happened to them this past 100 years.

Plus ça change , plus c'est la même chose.

So what can be gleaned of the future framework from this working hypothesis?

For me two things have been certain for some while, one of which I’ve detailed before is counter intuitive if you’ve swallowed the MSM crap, the other will never get MSM coverage because the panda is sooo cuuuttttte.

Iran will be tight as a tight thing with RCE/TA, just watch. It is not going to get destroyed, famous last words, because it is already NOAHide compliant. The other republics that are going to get creamed or have been were not NOAHide compliant. That is not to say that Iran isn’t going to get destabilised, however it will be of a different nature to the previous NATO lead slaughter. Go on chums think on it. Of the choices available, so called western democra-arsey, NOAHide compliant clerics, NOAHide compliant panda heathen slavers or Federal Republics; which of the two make the RCE/TA terrorist base puke and which two do they warm to?

Go on get a grip.

Secondly the cuddly little monochrome bamboozeltron shooteater is going to be getting all feisty as soon as the USofA corp. budget crisis parks all the CBG, MAG, SSN, SSGN, SSBN and combat squadrons on the ‘crete permanento.

Now at this point all who’ve swilled at the toilet bowl of the MSM will be thinking that there are two obvious outcomes here. Zbig's favourite outcome and a more MSM grooming type outcome. These being grabbing back Siberia and duking it out in the big blue beyond the second island defence chain with the USN.

Nah, not to say there won’t be fireworks on the first island defence chain or a little nose blooding in the air over Irkutsk.

I think the key is simply to look at the mission of the ancient modus.

To obliterate all human memory of those not NOAHide compliant.

To achieve that the method given by the Watchers is to secure the spiritual domain & secure the granary.

Confect the treasury.

Buy the leaders or kill them.

In that process destroy all structures, memory and castes not compliant.

Repeat on a larger scale until the world is wholly complaint.

Now those who read here will know that I’ve had the Hindhus in the NOAHide crosshairs for a long while. Whether they’ll get theirs from a Brotherhood NOAHide horde coming in from Baluchistan or not, the panda will be dropping ordnance either partly or fully in support of destruction of caste memory in India by local commies (Myanmar proxies).

The other nation that fulfils the criterion of non compliance is Indonesia. Too much memory there of how things were before monheathenism started its djinn given mission to kill everyone on the planet all those thousands of years ago. To that end the parking of US Marines in Darwin reads as a clear pointer to the MaoNOAHide slaver state, a big green light, to head for Malacca and beyond.

If ever there was a bunch of goons on the face of this planet that fit this epitaph then it is the nonMSMkoolaidsuppingfools who are about to be displaced from the west.

Same modus. 500 year cycles of civilisation my erse!!

Who hands that predicatively programming crap to us anyway?

Getting it yet?

Anyway over to other shop now to start getting further into the reasons for the core belief at the spiritual aspect of this war against humanity.

I’m off north so these two will have to do you until I get back late next weekend…