Friday, 27 April 2012

Have you heard the one about the super cruising underpants in a stealth suitcase super natural bomber?

Like Penn & Teller it has nothing to do with what you see or hear.

Some one got his ex-landlords to tell us all he liked to tie himself up, so there should be no surprise he died in a suitcase. Never heard such bollox before? Well you’ve not been paying heed to British legal proceedings have you? What to make of it all? RCE/LC is a stage upon which the werecults play out their games and leave messages to each other and like double entendres in a panto we the children are blissfully ignorant. How’s about the cryptographer got offed as a little message to the local occultLPP to stop shadowing the organised humandrugrunners out of Stan operating in and around RCE/LC? (Notice the birds flitting around these three stories.)

All of a sudden like we get to hear that all this bomberstuff was half inched. Quelle surprise!!! Imagine that. 30 years of spending trillions of fiat dollars and all we get is a bankrupt USofA corp. and 100 or so combat coded superbombers. It couldn’t be an age old routine played out by the Ba’al Hammon worshippers could it? The old weapons tech., gold, state usurping, slaving cycle played out over the millennia again and again and again? Then today we find out that these guys “UAE-based F-22s A Signal To Iran“  are deploying into the traitors’ chamber, the back stabber’s stage, and we are all to get skittish again. How’s about one of them drops out the air all unexpected like. How’s about the Putzza Express have been asked to deliver a special package for inspection. Especially since we’ve been groomed now for a while, all of which we’ve forgotten, to expect just such an occurrence.