Tuesday 24 April 2012

What is wrong with this picture? A road trip part 10.

Thanks to the Zionist Gold Report AKA ZGR for the heads up about patriotnurse.

One thing that I forgot to mention in yesterday’s outing was the CEP of those tallboy drops. Under ideal conditions. So you can work out for yourselves who was talking bollox when it came to strategic bombing in wartime.

Talking of bollox, do you reckon that the Mi-Hi geeztrice are in deep therapy after carrying out one of their toughest ever wet jobs? I mean how much Castrol GTX did they need to pour up themselves to slip the fool in? No, not the lad in a suitcase, high packing density shit for brains. Phukk me! Can you imagine the foreplayand sweet talk as she set about another mission over a blacked out enemy territory!!??

So let us start in the check out queue in Morrisons when I was up north, which is where this outing got its impetus. I’d dropped by the Ayr Morrisons for a pack of my favourite breakfast fry, potato scones, on the Tuesday only to have them all scoffed by the girls Wednesday morning and yours truly left potato sconeless. So on the Friday, just before we headed south again, I resolved to load up on the scones at the Killie Morrisons along with Garner’s pickled shallots and other tasty Scottish goodies unobtainable in the dry goods rationing stations here in the Smoke.

Now before I go any further I want to highlight CAF’s idea of a Slow Burn destruction of the west rather than the big sudden Kaboom some expect. I concur although with the caveat that the Lamarckian marked worshippers of Ba’al Hammon did it all before a long time ago by sucking all the precious metals out of the west and then it did indeed all go Kaboom when the Teutons rampaged through the Western Roman Empire. What did the Ba’al Hammon murderers do then? They wandered off to start another Ba’al Hammon creature in Mecca and hid in the swamps of the northern Adriatic.

Slow Burn or Kaboom? That is the question we’ll be considering during this outburst of breakfast waffle.

So there I was about to check out and the till operator decided to change the till roll. I glanced round the store, the little lockups next to the café where you can store your shopping as you sip a coffee and eat a cake or two. BTW at the local dry goods rationing and rip off station where we do our shopping in the Smoke you ain’t going to park your arse too long enjoying the puff pastries and catpoop coffee. Two hours max stay time and then you get clamped. Phukkmuppets!!!

As I was waiting, a policeman sauntered past the checkout rank heading to where? Tazer a granny, pistol whip a recalcitrant toddler, render an illegal alien a UKplc subject of her majesty? No.

“He’ll be off to get the druggies their fixes” quipped my till roll stuffing newest chummy. I looked at her and raised a singular Roger Moore. She noted the slight movement of eye ruggery and took it as an invite to elaborate. “Wouldn’t want to compromise their human rights, would we?”

Well how to handle this sudden piece of Pharmaceutical info? The Lead Pill Pharmacy will actually visit the pharmacy to take collection of ersatz psychotropics and other mind bending concoction substitutes and deliver them, ice cream van stylee, to the needy. I said nothing other than a brief “Yepp”. I was on holiday and the Apoplectic Anaphylactic Shock Ninjas for the Apocalyptic Removal of all Stinkingcommiephukkwittery Everywhere (AAS’N’ARSE)/ Ba’al Hammon Autochthonous Perversion Section (BAPS) were not recruiting. When AAS’N’ARSE/BAPS are north of the border again we will be recruiting, looks like fertile territory.

Today the ZGR posted this lady’s opinions and right about 3 mins we get back to the drugged out crazies and solutions should the slow burn go non-linear and it is suddenly Kaboom time.

Which brings me nicely to this Alinskyist muppet on a moped. He’s a printer’s ink sniffing lucre addict. Let us garnish this vinegary plate of vomit with some facts Georgey. The IMF is a gankster bankster kanker front designed to impoverish the world for the Ba’al Hammon selfselectors hiding with all the gold and silver they can steal. The current so called financial crisis is an engineered event brought into being by the IMF/WB and associated academic goonsters in Frankfurt/Vienna/Chicago etc. If it can be engineered into being, if you really were representing the persons who voted you into office, it would be engineered out of existence pronto. If all the services that ordinary persons in UKplc paid for and need are to be eliminated, then how come the LPP are doing pharma house calls when GPs are not? How come you and your cohort of disabled, for there can be no other explanation, you must be addicts and mentally, morally and ethically disabled, Phukk D’Wittz are unable to actually do anything about anything at any time and any place OTHER than shit all over the persons inhabiting UKplc? How come you cannot discern the difference between war crimes and defence? We can, why cannot you clowns?

Why is it you are determined to destroy everything that ordinary persons in UKplc have bought with their lives and money over the past 100 years? Well you are all indoctrinated agents of destruction operating with a Reduced Instruction Set Criminality that is why. You are worshippers of Ba’al Hammon and you’ve most likely been selected for.

Another interesting vid from the patriot nurse highlights more of the good works of the mindbent addicts in New Labour. The knight of high packing density housing solutions, who occupied the ODPM, can rest easy now that he is not longer a target for swallows or other special ops. birds of the night wishing to change his oil and check his fluid levels. YEEUKKK barph central, I wish I hadn’t committed that to pixels. His work continues apace here in the Easyjet borough. Every house that hits the market in this part of town gets demolished and a block of flats replaces the original structure. His colleagues in crime who oversaw the import of massive numbers of disease ridden slaves to displace the natives here in UKplc are also happily junket rewarded now that the country has been destroyed.

As has been remarked on more than one occasion by more than one commenter the UKplc government is unfit for our purpose and is a clear and present danger to our health, wealth, safety, security and family.

So slow burn or Kaboom?

Well to flesh this tale of destruction out further we have to take a look at the most evil moron ever to have sat on the pan in No10. That is correct, the rancid reeking prince of high speed rotating machinery. The man with the 30,000rpm moral compass. You and me, we know that the current conventional philosophy of money is ancient and a con job. It is an ever expanding religious crime scene and no one operating in that space escapes the logical outcome of being an accessory to the only crime ever committed. To be a finance minister and to be ignorant of that fact is to be incompetent, sounds about right for most of these so calledministers in the west, at worst to be an idiot. However the Nokia chucking Mentalist is none of these, he is a 24carat magikian of the black arts.

Let us look at one particular aspect of his crash and burn spiral of death for UKplc.

That one word has the NWOAGENDA21UN mark of the beast all over it and the pill popping scryptoid alkaloid abusing fiat funny money addict loved it. Everything was credits in a world where all the credit was soon to disappear. Let us consider what the Fabian creep did with real money. He gave a shed load away, he made gold tax free for his billionaire sponsors


, he taxed silver to make sure the scum couldn’t get a break and he introduced the meme of credits and stipend replacement of real money so that we would not resist the proffered UN handout that finally steals our freedoms. His masters also wanted the credits meme introduced so that when the crisis hit and the next load of trained chimps got into power their removal of all credits would seem sensible to the stunned, groomed and prepped aboriginals in UKplc.

Look at UKplc now, two years after the psychopath got his clammy fingers prized from the levers of power. The criminal syndicate in charge now is setting about flogging of the remains of what is a gutted nation, all under financial stringency and fiscal responsibility cover. The body politic is about to go rabid and the propaganda ministry is getting ready to keep our attention away from anything substantial. 15 years after the incompetents took over No10 there is nothing left of what could be called UKplc. I can just see that first meeting when the money power sat down the new incumbent and told him what was required of his administration, or else. 20 years since the grooming of the incompetents really got started.

Slow burn or Kaboom?

CAF’s thesis is valid, however if we stare closely at UKplc we see a mirror of the situation just before the last big one. The country is now stuffed and staffed by the foreigners required to carry out a massive psychological operation against a target. This time there will be no armies, navies or airforces operating out of airstrip one, this time the spooks will be running massive psyops from the RCE/LC bunker complex. Dire movement restrictions on the aboriginals will be put in place, rationing from the dry goods stations will be enacted, useless eaters culled and the newly imported talent will get their chance to get validated through trial by fire.

There must be a Kaboom coming soon otherwise the Rothschild estate, formerly known as UKplc, will get torched from one end to the other. They need a crisis so large that the aboriginals will get parked in the dark, conditioned and then re-emerged into a new world with a nicely scripted history for them to swallow once again.

So Kaboom it is.

And with that we head over to the other shop to examine some more of just how this psyops is sustained and promulgated by tight knit incestuous moneyreligious families.