Wednesday 18 April 2012

What is wrong with this picture? A road trip part 9.

There I was parked on the sofa, fisn’n’chips and bevvy in hand late last Thursday and this heavedinto view.

I was crème crackered, having spent the day in the saddle from 7am to 10pm with a minor stop in Inverness and a quick keek at Urquhart castle to see if Nessie was in residence and there I was at the close of the day pulling on a pint of rocket fuel, happily ensconced in front of the idiot’s mirror, and my defences were down.

Those were two subjects that are sure to get me swearing at the tube.

The complete waste of space that is the Jester of London and the sudden need to give JCM some air time.

So let’s start at the beginning.

The previous evening I had been swearing at the tube after another day’s swanning up and down the A77/M77/M74/A71 in weather, with the radio on. All these stories being promulgated by the MSM about crises here and crises there, starvation and disaster, gangster families like Kofi and Moon spitting all over the Mid-East, Obi Wana Big Dick’s new film about fly fishing with a multiple Scottish estate owning Yemeni slaver. UKplc school children that cannot spell, cannot count, cannot read and cannot do anything other than wait to be displaced. When you are driving up and down the major road arteries you get plenty of time to think. All these events that are engineered to keep one from staring too hard at what is really going on. In UKplc there is a drought. Imagine that. In a small island surrounded by water, where some regions are constantly under down pour and the purveyors of H2O milk the herd of fiat cash non stop; here in the dampest country on earth there is now a STASI license in effect for the local informers to start practicing their sleekit trade of shopping up their neighbours show trial stylee. The world is awash with 0% fiat lucre and yet none is to be found for anything that UKplc subjects of her majesty might require, like a nationwide water grid. No money for the scum and if they do get some instruments of debt in their mitts they have to shell out over 1000% to the pay day loan sharks.

So when Goebbels’s Gobshite Towers started to spew forth with the day’s chosen news that we need to be groomed with, I stated the obvious.

There is no global financial crisis. There is an entirely satisfactory engineered impoverishment of the west. Who’s got all the money? As usual not Europeans. As usual the slavers and lazy bastards have been taking tribute from the donkeys that populate these western lands and everything is right tikkity-boo for the child procurers and slave killers.

As for the aboriginals here in UKplc, who will see everything that their forefathers and gentle women worked for and brought into being getting sold off to persons who cannot stand freedom nor democracy, they still do not understand that their government is their enemy. Always has been and always will be.

I would ask one to examine just what this commie lying mentalist did for the country? Just what did this red puppet do for the ordinary autochthonous of UKplc? What did he hand the aboriginals from Truro to Thurso?

Well let’s start with the fact that the red swine knew he was not going anywhere unless he snuck into the Labour party, the commies don’t get anywhere unless they are backed up with airstrikes, tube artillery and RCE/NY counterfeit tokens of exchange and grains. It worked in Russia, Prussia, Hungary, Romania, Cuba etc. but he got the nod that it would not work in Fife!

Now look at the subject of his doctoral thesis. ‘The Labour Party and Political Change in Scotland 1918-29’.

Take these three items singly then.

The Labour Party. Well thanks Gordoom, thatis now phukked. You were knee deep in its destruction. Labour is now going to dry up and blow away, you did that. I did warn way before the last general election here in UKplc that we were going to see the rise of rabid belief systems invading the body politic here and it has started. Georgeous George is a stalking horse. Expect Sharia based parties returning a shed load of NOAHide compliant MPs to Westminster.

Political Change. Well thanks Gordoom;you’ve really fixed the country now! You’ve gone and created chaos and poverty for the native Britons for generations to come. Just as you were programmed to. You only really got upset that it was Bliar that was fronting the show, though any time there was a bit of turbulence you got all windy and couldn’t be found. You multi kulti commie goon.

Scotland. FFS! Gordon Doom you handed the country over to the foundation bitchboys and boybitches at the Scottish Nose Pickers. They’ve been waiting for you for decades and you’ve worked like a charm. Let us have a little look at the fruitsof your labours. Like any vassal the numpty will cling to its boybitchdom despite the abusive relationship. I am going to let rip on this foundation bitch because he illustrates so many of the things that are wrong with our so called leaders. Two of which are their erroneous closed world assumptions and their complete lack of, how can one put it?, knowledge of the wider world and real history. (If you or any of these other groomed for leadership phukkmuppets were put in command of me I’D PHUKKIN’ FRAG YOU!). Marineboy seems to think that Scotland is part of some sort of golden Nordic rainbow of small wealthy nations. He keeps looking at Norway for example. Well me old mukka Scotland has nothing in common with the Nordics in temperament I’m afraid now. Go on then show me your balls to go all Icelandic on the Rock/Roth. Nah; clients of foundations and the pirate state do not do that shit. If you fishywives ever did grow a pair you’d immediately print debt free money in a free state. However you cling to the hope that the EU will willkommen you, jah? So let me see now. Scottish freedom fighters, from a part of the UKplc that RCE/LC has long wanted to ditch anyway, for at least 50 years, will hand their free country over to another bunch of funny money printing religious extremist banksters in return for what? Laws enacted from commie zentral in StrasBrusselistan? Do you seriously think that the universal corpirates will let you have a red cent of oil revenues? Who do you think you are? Middle Eastern potentates? You’ll get Irish famined and Scottish clearanced again if you don’t bend over, you retarded phukkmuppets. Oh and just to verily phukk your closed world arsesumptions and view of real history up real good, do you really think that there will be an EUSSR to welcome you?

Tiny little Scotland all alone against a universal corpirate operating out of RCE/Circus. No UKplc. No USofA corp. Just NOAHide piracy as rule of law.

Just in case you haven’t noticed lads, in the days when the Picts were in charge in your neck of the woods, the battle lines were drawn up when the Germans booted the Chaldean Roman legions out of the Wald. In the two thousand years since then the battle between Ba’al Hammon and the aboriginals of Europe has not stopped. We kept breeding and because of climate change our lands became more and more productive, we developed new techniques to feed us and free us from the slavers. So my kippered herrings do you know where you live? Do you? Here’s the thing that will stick in your craw. RCE/LC knows you ain’t joining a Northern European EU. Nah. You lot will be told to sign up to EuroMed. BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA. Don’t you know the auld enemy has been worshipping Ba’al Hammon for centuries now? Why do you think so many Scots have been killed overseas in the past 200 years?

So Gordon rest uneasy you phukkturd. Let us look at your finest moments. You flogged off our gold into the international crime syndicate’s Ponzi scheme. You got everyone used to the idea of credits and not real money because you are an arsehole who hates people with choice, the choice represented by real money. You let it slip about the “shadow banking system”, like we didn’t know already it had to be there.

BTW you two retarded scion of drug running criminal syndicates and nation destroyers, we already knew the Ba’al Hammon oligarchs from Russia come with no love, that is why they are in RCE/LC. To launder their ill gotten gains and pay no tax you phukkin’ asswipes. However as always with you two babyfaced stunted gangsters you take our attention away from the billionaires to focus on the millionaires. You Alinskyist Kantkunts.

Finally Gordon you flooded the country with Ba’al Hammon’s clients who will now be used to implement more NOAHide control and displace the abos further.

So you can see that I was a tad tetchy when the Scottish Right started to talk about mayors and JCM.

There was a thin faced Malthusian professor from the LSE; that is the LSE that gets MiHigh officers to write the PhD theses of Ba’al Hammon worshipping dictator’s sons, talking foundation sponsored shit about mayors. The LSE, a nest of spies and propagandists, giving so called intellectual covering fire for the universal corporate theft engine that is modern commerce and bankstering. I watched and listened and all the while I kept remembering things read long ago about how RCE/LC fought tooth and nail, successfully, to make sure London did not get a unified administrative body. So why now? Well, Alex are you reading here?, RCE/LC is dumping UKplc. Localism is rationing and poverty. The husks of what was a great nation is now to be plowed under and reseeded.

As for JCM, well he’s been mentioned here several times lately and at least once a year I make sure I post his quaternion equations for perusal by the good readers at this here trough to the watering of those who thirst for something different. My question now, is again. Why now?

I’ve written that to understand Kepler and JCM is to face yourself against the quacks of science represented by the Magikian Newton and the place man Albert. The latter two have the stench that should immediately raise the enquirer’s eye brow, left or right it is your choice, flair the nostrils and reframe the mind, the stink of MSM overweening fame. They are placed in our ken to stultify. Both, if you check, are Ba’al Hammon’s disciples. So why is JCM getting air time right here, right now?

Well just to quickly touch on the coldfusion and speed of light breaking experiments of recent decades we are being groomed for an announcement. Expectthat one to come out of ChiCommland.

So the telly got a good swearing at, I knocked back another electric soup and got ready to have a good kip before the 420 miles journey back to the Smoke later the next day.

And with that we wander over to put the boot into another foundation bitchboy Ba’al Hammon scientist.