Monday, 23 April 2012

There is a big fisherman in the Indian Ocean now.

I’d love to know her routing, did she sneak through the shallows off Hainan and Malacca? 40 years or more ago a USN SSN did the trick and scared the shit out of the unsuspecting local fisheries. Very shallow waters.

The Big E continues her majestic, if expensive, progress and all the world is awash with cash that no one can have.

All the Fed phantasy fiat inflato, go on get the L&H clip now, presses cranking worthless ersatz gelt into Paddy Power and the turf accountants at home in the Geezer’s big house’s drinks cabinet known as Goldman suckers to you and me.

In the past fortnight or so Maximum and The Brighton Belle have each provided, in their unknowing way, another false clue as to what we can expect.

Currency war declared and the heathenoids hiding in Patagonia eh?

Who’d ‘a guessed?

Who would have thought of running away from the lethality sacred space.

And who would, all fiat like, decide that weapons of reduced instruction sacramental lethality are to be used?

Compare and contrast the issuance. The German jews were removed from history because they became free, they became European. And now Europe is to be erazed.

The destructive technological power’s weakness was never so clearly illustrated to me than when I stood looking up at the skeleton years ago now, and found myself thinking that a tall boy would have removed this icon from existence. I was disappointed in the lack of obliteration. How can that steel still stand after getting the biggest stick chucked at it?

Well, since then I’ve come to realise that war is nothing about victory or winning it is a Lamarckian selection live stock yard, driven by the gold buy and blood.

BTW if you ever have the time and space let me just state that the best feast my peepers were consumed with was around that city. The word does not exist yet to describe her beauty fully.