Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Molesting British children as an ISIS/MiHi/CIA/Mossad/Crownassets cover story.

Goebbels Gobshite Towers Rosa Luxembourg FM Ilya Ehrenberg’s Pirate Radio doesn’t like to talk about gangs of Muslim slavers imported into UKplc to provide cannon fodder for dead persons in the ME 21st century stylee. Just like the importation of Russian members of the shatanagogue of Gog magog into London and NYC over a century go to provide cannon fodder for the dead piles of persons in Russia in so called revolutions. Revolutions=cull of those just too many so recently and inconveniently made alive from foul mudblood lines.


Eyes on: Celebrities child molesters and the politics of perversion!

Posted by guido Grandt

“…………..Remarkable that British politicians with possible criticism held back so as not to jeopardize the "independence of the national institution," the BBC……………”

And there we have it.

When the clowns were gaming out the scenarios and capability planning for the long plotted scattering of the body parts of locals over vast areas through HE and butcher apron, Blokhin style, in the fire base’s remit, the inconvenient truth about Savile suddenly burst upon the screen.

No reporting on Rotherham’s child molesting gangs, slaver gangs, drugging gangs and general Stone Age creepzoids imported from Chaldea so recently. Note not one of these families will have done anything to aid British men and women fight the total evil and world consuming menace of Hitler. Oh no. Yet they can come over here and enslave more British children than any Nazi ever did!!!

So no damage is to be allowed to the centre of filth and social engineering known as the BBC aka Goebbels Gobshite Towers Rosa Luxembourg FM Ilya Ehrenberg’s Pirate Radio by the revelations that cBBCTV centre, where so many Guinness World records were established by record spinners buggering weans, is a threat to the well being of the British people.

It is not in the national interest that it should be common knowledge amongst UKplc parents that there is a clear and present danger to the welfare of UKplc children by the members of staff fronting cBBC/cITVchildrens programming and adult current affairs spin and lying and propaganda hiding death and dead body shagging under charidee cover.

No wonder BBCshitehouse is run by controllers and programmers, so Orwellian in its filth thing think.

Don’t let anyone know that the cultured Marxist zoological garden housing MiHi operatives being groomed for trouble making in the Middle East are slaking their lust on UKplc children Pashastylee. All under crown coven cover.

Just remember that fact as the latest 30 pieces of silver taker and general panties down about their ankles self serving career oriented sex slave of the controllers and programmers tells you anything about what is happening in the world when the 10 o’clock Pavlovian bell brings torture to you and to dump some more vomited fiction into your living room.

Are UKplc public so stupid to sit and watch the latest load of made up JKRowling style magic money made weirding words from BBC rentboybitch and harlotbitchboy newspeakers when all they can remember about the BBC is record breaking child raping by the BBC, its employees, MPs, stars and the persons HMG has imported to destroy UKplc?

Well best not find out so the scenario builders have been hard at work to disassociate the BBC/UKplcMSM/HMG and our leaders from any bad vibes as the bamboozletron cranks up to splurge another shed load of alphabetispaghetti Jihadi groups on us.

I wonder if any knighted BBC disk jockey would have sexually interfered with a jihadi group, pop pickers?

Just like they did over 100 years ago when the Bolshie killer clowns were taking the piss out of us by starting a multitude of fake democratic parties, all the while rubbing their Satan funded hands with anticipation of the Red Terror to come.

Parallels? Oh yes.

Why do you think that the UKplc confidence trickster MSM pigs have put this image into your Herd Attention Space?

Just like cryptoMSM can never tell us that UKplc crown wanted these guys dead as a dead thing a century ago, plausible deniability gangster hit stylee.

Expect the execution of the Assad family around Christmas time, Christine Lagarde 7stylee, just to spoil the good will to all men. Delivered to you by the same RCE/TA/LC/NYshatanagogic actors financed by the very system that delivers milk and bread to your circus.