Monday, 22 September 2014

The Star of Africa; compare and contrast.

Of all the incidents, battles, skirmishes, subterfuges, special ops, down right phukk ups, deliberate defeats and general telling untruths about what was really going on and what had really caused the whole mess, not to mention who was the mens rea, the 20th century manifestations of the Babylonian Brew and Eviloid donkey drivers, of ultimate market clearing mechanisms 1939-45.One incident mid-war stands out. In fact this is not such much mid war as the end of the old war 39-42 and the beginning of the real war 43-45.

In this short interlude clearly everything balanced out.

This is not to disparage, simply to clearly see things as they were, shorne of the usual word melange and foggy verbiage used by UKplc und BBC MSM to disguise a not quite victory, like when describing not quite theft of peoples money buy invoking the word “pot”.

The first inklings of my disquieted tranquillity was Jutland 1916, then the Battle of Britain, then strategic bombing. One by one the tissue of fairy tales disappeared in the rain of uncaring loose ends and careless official truth telling.

One geezer, one of not so many, parked at the end of an impoverished logistics train against the guys ordered to area bomb children out of their cribs, notice that no such thing happened to any children on Phoenician lands only on Native European lands, guys lavished with the best that the Empire could sweep from the ends of the Earth heaped in massive supply dumps swimming with the tinned fruits of theft.

Recently, out in the wastes of ChiCommland the theory that was spewed out of the 1980s imperium via USAF research is being readied for deployment. This is not an if but a when. The banksters do not bankroll you and furnish you with weaponry, their weaponry, unless you act. Just ask Stalin.

China Defense Blog: There can be only 5: This year's PLAAF "Golden Flight Helmet" airpower competition is underway -- instead of 10 winners, this year's grand priz...

To put this into perspective for advertaddledUKplc inhabitants who are just about to become retarded wards of Brussels or eunuch slaves of RCE/LC, I present this classic from the collection of traitors that inhabit no10/11 Downs Syndrome Strasse.

“Tony Blair has said that politicians should heed his advice that British boots on the ground in Iraq should not be ruled out because he had experience of taking Britain to war in that country.

The former Prime Minister said people should “appreciate” that he has learnt lessons through going to war in Iraq and listen to his thoughts on tackling Islamic State because they are “precisely” the same terrorist forces he battled during the conflict.
His comments come as Lieutenant General Sir Graeme Lamb, a former director of British special forces, said it is now time to “rule in” the idea of involving British ground forces in the conflict.

The former Labour Prime Minister has said air strikes would not be enough to defeat the jihadists who have taken control of large swathes of Iraq and Syria, sending in combat troops to fight Islamic State militants on the ground should not be ruled out.
Mr Blair, whose premiership was defined by the Iraq War, has said that although there may be “no appetite” for a ground fight it may become necessary.”

Only in the free west could war criminals walk the street freely. This holds true for the 21st century and the 20th and the 19th and the 22nd and ………