Monday, 1 September 2014

So where were you when Cameron’s Chimphouse got hit?

The last time UKplc peasants got all uppity the special units took out a load of underground trains/a bus then a well dodgy sparky from Brasilia was removed from the Portuguese werke kreis, many subjects of her majesty had been stone colded and the geezers running the armed responses got promoted. Not so much a false flag, a pour encourage les autres masked ball.

Do you remember that there was a great big meeting with exercises being run, where the big boys were meeting to discuss bullock all? (

Well guess what today?

Despite importing massive amounts of slanteyeyedMoldavians, who are only here for the beer, UKplc is getting all uppity again what with the cuts on everything human for 50 years now and the increasing levels of DU in our, splendidly free of CO2, atmosphere. UKplc citizens of HM and serfs to RCE/LC are right royally fed up watching our fuerzes especiales, einsatzgruppen and homegrown faux jihadists using Bradford and Wembley as raped staging areas before setting out to kill massive numbers of our fellow helpless gentlefolk sheltering under the RCE/TA nuclear umbrella and friendly fire iron dome of fame.

UKplc is fed up watching wankers, from the leadership programmes acting like limp boybitches and cuntstruck bitchboys, spunking all over our daily bread.

So watch out for the geezers with the weapons grade prescription pads running drills and thrills using their Israeli training in civilian control when the mass murderers and war kriminals of the NATKRIPO turn up talk more megabollox this coming week.(

If you get your cops trained by cut throat pirates from the fire base in RCE/TA then expect a Katyn style handling of your local dissenters. Logic innit? Past behaviour is the surest indicator of future performance. Which bit of this pattern do you not get UKplc vegetables?

St Petersburg/Holodomor/Gulag/Katyn/Deir Yassin/Shatilla and Sabra/9-11/London 7-7/?2014

Remember it is 200 years since the Russians rode into Rothschild's Paris. 200 years of engineered phukkwittery and the pesky Orthodoxslavscum still exist.

Now don’t be getting all worried about travelling by tube, flying by air or having a piss in the dark. Everything is cool. UKplc’s club of inserted fool MPs has assured us that we are tikkity boo. Teresa May may or may not be qualified to run a cold water tap in a paedophile’s butcher’s shop, however she says all is cushty. Forget the Keystone Coppery around Savile/Sutcliffe/Shipman et al. Forget McCann 6 years and nothing, two JWs and proton therapy; instant handcuffs in Iberia. Forget billions of man/woman hours spent keeping the NE of England in lockdown over the past 30 years, Miners Strike et al; anyone could dial up dial-a-ride and get British children delivered running hot and cold.

Mind you Barnet Horse Fayre might well provide ISIS/MOSSAD or whatever MiHi/CIA MSM life sustained Frankensteinian creation with a valid target. Are pikey horses anti semitic? Are semites traveller insensivitive? Do the sand jockies hate the nag whippers for not using small slave boys? Might lead to a gypocryptoattack on the Mount then by ARSIS if there are actually any free terrorists in existence and not just a bunch of foundation sponsored criminal arseholes in drag.

Either way a country that cannot stop 35 illegals coming over in an ISO standard container or keep bleached condemned meat out of the food chain for school children and OAPs. A country that cannot stop its children being killed and abused by the state and its sponsored actors. Can that state can surely prevent nuclear weapons being smuggled into the realm by determined terrorists? Well if that state is the sponsoring body of course it is not going to shit on its own doorstep. Kill its people yes but not nuke the safehouse where the rent boys get slaughtered.

A country that uses loan shark practices on its helpless, fixes metal prices and steals money all the time, LIBOR anyone, and yet still proclaims free enterprise to be its mantra would surely be able to keep hit men, internationalist sekskriminlas, true jihadists and organised psychonauts of antiYahwehmonomoneim from slaughtering a load of us or taking out a much revered public figure, a la 1963, wouldn’t you?

Well apart from institutionalised hanging, framing, fitting up and general locking up of the plebes for no reason here in UKplc. Apart from infiltrating our own state agents into all organised movements to cause trouble, indeed carrying out terrorist events on UK & NIplc, and general gangstery. Where else would one get departed through the media of Polonium poisoning? Where else would there be no organised millietants shitting on the FGM crowd as they entered the country at Heathrow. No violentfemmes shooting out the tires of organised sandpimps in Yorkshire protecting children. Oh no all the empty sterile foundation poisonouswombs are farting around OxBridge picking up the nest generations of empty headed gangmasters for the foundations next genocide. Smart fucks!!!

I remember a Turkish geezer bellyaching to me as he sorted out our IT that the neighbours upstairs from him had been causing a racket that weekend. He hated them. They were Kurdish separatists celebrating. He then walked me up Hornsey high road showing all the shops run by recent Kurdish arrivals who had been given 40 grand or more each to start up their fruit stalls and delis. He hadn’t received a red cent to run his own IT services company. Man he hated them Kurds.

UKplc, the EU’s zoological garden. It used to be London, Gladstone’s zoological gardens. Ahhhh the sacrifice of all those men from 1914-53. Well worth the bloodshed.  Now the chimphouse is about to sally forth and cause trouble again in distant lands and lock down the natives here. What other bunch of brain dead organ donors would think they inhabited a democracy that kept them prisoner and rationed for most of the 20th century!!!???

Why, bearing in mind how knee deep in agent provocateurs, spies, paid informants, boys in blue, with the constant sound of blues and twos, why was it that the children in Northern England were preyed on, at will, indeed almost presented on a platter to kinderkillers, why were they and the women of Northern England so vulnerable and exposed to traffickers in filth. How come that UKplc was in the civil power’s iron grip in Northern England and yet one could traffic slaves to one’s heart’s content. How come if you want to hide your hiding goldenboy killing appetites the Channel Islands is the place to go? How come if you want to interfere with minors you stooge around the BBC kidding on you are a ham artiste? How come?

How come there are no demonstrations and downing of tools, no general strike, when a CHEKA dictatorship tells you that you cannot see something or hear something on the BBC.GGT/MSM.GGT. How come no sit-ins when a COMMIE Bolshie shit house at No11 decides to steal all our money and give it to a shit load of shit banksters? What is Quantitative Easing? Where are the Freidmanistas now? Sitting cushty that’s where?

Now I know that I like to push the boat out on the forensic storytelling havering but consider this.

If you want trouble in a body politic, indeed want it removed, then first accentuate the extremes witnessed by your actors. Massive broadcast foodporn by the MSM in the west and starvation world wide. Get the community organisers in to stir up trouble. Best people to achieve that level of misery in setting up the initial conditions for strife and then providing the killer solution is of course the money loving , lazy, inbred, ill read, lying, thieving, mentally unhinged earliest adopters of monoheathenism.

Have they drawn up the bridge to hide in the Americas as the rest of the world gets normalised? Have they ditched the west and freedom for their default setting of slvery and theft, donkey driving styleee? Have they invented a new mentalist belief system to shove down the throats of the coming survivors?

Who knows.

Either way they are full of shit as usual(, so get ready for some big trouble stirring leading to rationing of everything, including life, secret courts, NKVD type raids at the early hours of the morning, abandonment of the rule of law, arbitrary and fickle execution under the guise of pathways and other shatanic weirdness here in the sceptic isle.