Thursday, 18 September 2014

UN Protection and Monotheism Protection

Or 155mm HE terminal homing manna from heaven.

How many dead person and alive persons made suddenly unalive under UN protection? Well let’s look at the places where the UN has been protecting gentle persons before the grim reaper arrived.

Just as in all great detective stories the common factor, go on CSI Rotherham, in all murder scenes is the presence of the great detective, don’t you find that a tad suspicious? What is the common factor here with humanitarian crises?

If monoheathenist care homes for children are warehouses for sex traffickers/murderers then what the fuck is a UN refugee camp? Ever wonder where the criminals congregate? Want to disappear and make unalive cheeeldren? Join cBBMattelysney or a cBBCHARRIDEEE.

Anyway this news scared the shit out of me today.

“Pope Francis and Shimon Peres discuss "UN of religions' = the NWO World Religion = NEW AGE…

…..Former Israeli President Shimon Peres met with Pope Francis at the Vatican to give it a "UN of religions" propose to fight terrorism.
The Vatican said in a statement that the Pope and Peres led a "long" and "very cordial" interview on Thursday.
During the 45-minute session, Peres described the Pope's idea about an organization of the religions based on the model of the United Nations. The motivation for this is that religion is the main cause of conflicts in the world today, Peres said the Catholic weekly Famiglia Cristiana.….”

Ohhhh phukk me!! How have these guys got the time for this? Shouldn’t Sharon be making sure ISIS/ISIL/IS/CIA/MiHi terror forming operatives are tucked up tight and comfy in RCE/TelAviv hospitals being sung to sleep kumbayastylee? Shouldn’t the Jiggy Jesuit be getting ready to baptise Martians soon? BTW if the crypto from juntaland is serious then that is the first sacrament leading all the way to the Holy See. Any of you Catholics, crypto Chaldeans, ready to kiss Chewbacca’s ring? BWHAHAHAAAAA!

Imagine being subject that bunches’ charity!! Homeless, penniless? Come unto me and worship in the Stone Age. Hand over your young and fuck off and die. It is the last thing you would want is to be caught up in these freaks systems of slavery and unthought. Last thing they want is for you to be free and informed. No. Ignorant, poor and enslaved. First move is poverty. That is what commerce is for; it strips out independent wealth from a society using blessed funny money. Don’t give me any of those anti-usury strictures. When the religiobanksters of the monoheathenists turn up at your door they always travel together, one covering for the other. Hebrew, Christian, Islamist, Communist. They travel as a full spectrum, seamlessly integrated weapon system. This lot can and will survive a direct nuclear exchange. It is designed that way.

Imagine a planet far away having lived peacefully for millions of years and the New Jesuits turn up all speccy and studious. Imagine the peaceful scene. The occultedspy for Yahweh helping the merchants. Well all one needs to do is realise that once a critical mass of various flavours of monoheathenism had turned up over a suitable period. After books had been burned, Mayastylee, alphabets had been given, Vietnamstylee, famines had been organised, Irishstylee, laws forced upon the people, UNstylee, then a great killing of the natives, Jerichostylee, would have been engineered.

There is also a more likely scenario to this Roth/Ba’al chinwag, it was a continuing liaison meeting for evacuating to the New Hebrew state of Patagonia sometime soon.

Now don’t forget that the ChiComms want to go Protestant!! Got that? Covenanters kicking in your doorstylee!!!! Phukk me as if getting offed by monoheathenists  (Grigori Voitinsky · Mikhail Borodin · Adolph Joffe · Israel Epstein · Mark Gayn · Sidney Rittenberg · Jakob Rosenfeld · Sidney Shapiro · Nathan Gregory Silvermaster · Solomon Adler · Michael Greenberg · Manfred Stern · Ruth Kuczynski · Eva Sandberg) the same lineage of Pripyet terrorists funded by RCE/NewYork (BTW expect Rock to get the Croesus treatment soon) that killed the Tsar, murdered at Katyn, blew up Wall St 1921 and like to shell children with anti-tank weaponry in Gaza,  in their tens of millions wasn’t enough. As if having monoheathenists stuff drugs down your throat as a matter of policy wasn’t a big give away in the 1800s. The Harbin crowd are going Calvinist or is it Mormon or is it SinoBahai? Either way it is a sign of death cult set up for more killing on a scale fitting to the resources available.

All the signs are stacking up for a move on unbelievers in SE Asia and India.

This is not a prediction.

It is their genetic imperative.