Tuesday, 2 September 2014

UKplc is cunfested by phukkedwitz, thieves and war kriminals

This is getting heavily promoted on radio here in UKplc at the moment, so expect a big phukkup at the bank soon. FSCS

This is what would be known in the old days as a Nuremberg Laws warcrime scene. NATO SummitWales 2014

Cameron talks shit and the Child Protection Service waste money. Now then now then boys and girls where are the boys in blue when you need them eh Maddie?.

So let us ask a couple or three questions then.

  1. How many millions and millions and millions of people have the NATO member countries killed in 70 years or so then?

  1. How much money and how many lives have the RCE/LC based moneychanging houses stolen since 1944 then?

  1. Why is it highly dangerous to have UK authorities take an interest in your child and yet child killers, child stealers and child slavers can operate with impunity here in UKplc?

UKplc is a clear danger to humanity.

Quarantine the dump.