Wednesday, 30 December 2015

HWW ChiCommland

China Defense Blog: And the honor of being the operational J-10B unit ...: The 2nd PLAAF Air Division at Shanghai.  Yet another Chinese internet rumor confirmed.  Now a new rumor suggests that the PLAAF has the inte...
"Mainland scientists are developing the world’s most powerful supercapacitor that could make Star Wars weapons a reality.
Prototypes of directed-energy weapons such as laser cannons and railguns have been developed in many countries, but few have made it out of their laboratories due to their size and weight."

All the things that were imagined by the western democracies and declared too expensive for the defence of the west are being rolled out by the banksters latest tools. Just as tank armies were too expensive for the west, so New York financed the Soviets to build tens of thousands of tanks and hundreds of paratroop carriers in the late 1930s, for use against the made naked, bankrupted west.

The sand box and gaming stage has to have been completed by now. All this stuff goes off PDQ unless used and operational knowledge absorbed by the corps d'elite.