Saturday, 12 December 2015

HWW:Pakistan Tests Nuclear Capable Shaheen- III Ballistic Missile

If the boys in Riyadh and Islamabad are twitchy about what is going on with Turkey getting carved up, then this should give them some comfort as they try and keep their hoods intact.

"Pakistan has tested Shaheen-III, a nuclear capable surface-to-surface ballistic missile with a maximum range of 2,750 km.

The missile test was aimed at validating design and technical
parameters of the weapon system, Pakistani Army said in a statement

"The successful flight test with its impact point in the Arabian Sea,
validating all the desired parameters," the statement from the army's
Inter-Services Public Relations said."
 Pakistan Tests Nuclear Capable Shaheen- III Ballistic Missile

Mind you all of it depends on the ChiComms still playing ball. Once the word is given that it is open season on stone age settlements then all bets are off.