Wednesday, 16 December 2015

HWW:That Polish/Czech complex again.

To everyone's absolute surprise, shock, horror, probe; all the people living in Poland/Czechland Jan 1939 , absolutely ALL, were either dead or non persons after the gunfire and sniper ceased in May 1945. Just as had been plotted in New York in 1935 and BIS 1930.

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Now I am not going to suggest that we are looking at a rerun of the Polish experience on a small island. However I would draw the promise of a tech transfer by roll over a la Czech experience. Singapore is after all not British, not western, not SEATO not anything opther than a cultivated entity awaiting its owner.

All in concordance with local leadership of course again.

BTW the image of Backfire Cs in one of the post's recent links reminds me of some things from 50 years ago.

Always remember that the commies, stooges and revolutionaries never live amongst the people. They always hang out in billionaires' stolen property or holiday with the azure zillionaires. That is where they get their marching orders and ideas.