Thursday, 3 December 2015

HWW:More Maps

So many points to really kick off a good exchange of high velocity pharmacy.

Pacific Sentinel: Editorial: Sino-Indian Border Talks Not Enough to ...: India's Arunachal Pradesh (orange box) is claimed by China By Sarah Watson and John Chen Unless India and China can take...

The two big sandboxes which will achieve the primary aim after all the geostrategic bollox has been swept away is NW India and the Indonesian Archipelago. Only in these two regions will the evidence of civilisation be eradicated through massive exchange of ordnance and starvation of the population. Glaciers and the high altitude wars will be side shows and/or casus belli in this The Big One.

Always remember that every and all peace negs are suffered by the guys who own the money and wealth. They would not possess this wealth if it were not to cause death. They are de facto and de jure merchants.

Which bit of that do you not get?