Wednesday, 2 December 2015

HWW: Good Morning....

.....nice map.

I do love the false uselessness of insincere intention.

Whilst the goons that be, get all iGREEN in an attempt to destroy all the smithies, except theirs, by getting all Paris ecoterrorista after a ZOMO false flag and intISISMafia hit on us, everyone forgets about the amount of CO2 expended out on Yankee/Dixie to stop commies getting their fighters all over Cochinchina.

Here we are and you can bet that any Viet nationalist will be getting creamed by the ChiComms soon because they are nationalist and not iDRONE, iUN and iROTH.

Long live the iWAR because it is iGREEN and iGOOD for miGOD and no polar bears were harmed in the making of this iFORCEfarce.