Friday, 16 July 2010

Business Ethics the 2000lbs Oxymoron in the corner of the room.

Those of you who remember my listing of business books last year will know my utter contempt for the concept of “business ethics”. Having sat through many classes on this subject whilst resisting the urge to wander up to the lecturer and stitch the fucker whilst yelling “You live on a pirate ship fukkwitz. Wake the fuck up!!!!!” I cannot stop laughing when the sombre concept of ethics is raised in any sphere of human activity.

This will become more and more a general problem for humanity as more and more of the world’s business decision making is routed through the Rothschild’s Corporate Entity, the land pirate ship, the 21st century Tortuga, centred in Tel Aviv. Every realm of humanity will become infected with rabid moral scurvy.

However this guy makes for interesting listening.

Take it away Richard Kovacevich, MBA 67, chairman of Wells Fargo