Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Full Nine Yards…how far is that when the cutter of your cloth is cheating the numbers?

So many targets and so little time to unravel the chaotic unentropied spellcasters' fuckwittery.

Remember. Never forget and never steal your own life.

I assume by now, if you are still reading here, that you will have developed your own non-linears and are wearing them at all times.

This is extremely sophisticated truth hiding the lie.

It can also be red as extremely sophisticated lies hiding the truth,

Dualism never ever is easy.

However the one thing we can be sure of is that the economic hitmen will be singing a different song soon.

As I explained to some chums during a fantastic BOWtime Saturday evening the UNiversal spreadsheet has been handed over to new gang masters.

All through the good officers of the Rothschild Corporate Entity, time stealing, out of Tel Aviv.

As my hosts pointed out, and you learn something new everyday INCOMING!!!!!!! You fuckwitz, in 1899 1 in 7 of humanity was a red headed descendent of the river navigating Varangians who came to administer justice by the axe. Now the Russians are 1 in 70.

The last images in the hitman piece are designed to distract us.

So to get a grip on this shitstorm, take your full nine yards, your blade and a cask of your finest to here and work slowly backwards .

If you have the opportunity put the following through the biggest sound system you can find and I really, really hope you……


Thank fuck for the Irish bastards, they still know who is who, so do the Rus and so do we.

Rumble time is a coming.

Watch the colour coding and keep your lists up to date.

I know many of you want to know why the obliquity? The eves are full of bitchboys and we know that they are gangsters and lazy. We are being winnowed. Stick with it. The future is going to be horrific but we need to remain.

Away to the orphaned boozer, Huzzzarhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!