Friday, 30 July 2010

Wings and Quings

Why does it all become clearer when the ordnance starts into the queuing theory?

J15 Finally appearing?

No it is not. J15 is half inched via Tel Aviv and old, old, old. The current panty wetting is all a great big distraction to take the ChiComms out of harbour and inflict a huge ceremonial ritual defeat on the oceans. Remember this is the plan upon which the sacred voyages were sent out since time immemorial.

F35 what a crock of shit.

Why does the F22 not get handed over to the IDF? Why this shit about the F35? It will be handed over for free if Dov Zhakeim is in the loop, so what’s the story? IDF don’t currently need air dominance, but their mates soon will. Well bearing in mind the Rothschild Corporate Entity officed in Tel Aviv sent all the Lavi tech, USofA corp. proprietary, to the ChiComms. It has, through its agents in USofA corp. and the ChiComm student body in USofA corp. aerospace corporates, half inched the B2 and F22 specs. It knows that the F35 is an organized crime scene. What we have here is a deep cover “You are throwing us to the lions” cover story, long planned.

The Entity is defecting to ChiCommland and defecating on the West. Simples.

Oh BTW UKplc you ought to visit your own crime scene at the big four acre flat decks. You are spending money on catapult…..what?

One of the things you will never get a in a Project Management course when it comes to the financials is a series of lectures entitled “How to spot when you are in the midst of a heist”. Thankfully when I did my PM shit I read extensively out through esoteric material and I can spot the crime scene all righty!! Fuck me!!! Just how much are these soon to be massively unemployed fools paid?

As for the F35 that is technological sabotage of the US aerospace industry to allow the ChiComms to catch up. Now if you’ve been watching closely you will know the only single instance in recorded history when a free people actually handed in their iron ware for bronze is.... Go on. She’s been given top billing in my shops several times.

When the Entity has finally defected you can expect ChiComm built super 7th Gen UAVs over every European capital city….. except London if we don’t boot Candida, The Cludgeron or Bananaboy in the nuts.

Experts See No Big US arms Sales to Taiwan This Year

My favourite unvisited place. Soon to be handed over to the ChiComm Slavers and bestest chums of the Rothschild Corporate Entity officed in Tel Aviv. The turn coats in the KMT must have spotted the secluded sandy beeches in Formosa and sent the details back to The Circus in Moscow (London), ……ohh how long ago now? 80 years at least. They can wait, the commie bastards, because they have the money. Just ask Candida. You will also notice that these Rock/Roth slobs like to kill off the opposition by giving them a shit military commander. Formosa is yet to find out who theirs is. But we know all about Powell, Westmoreland, Napoleon and Hitler. Don’t we?

DTN News: China Overtakes Japan As No.2 Economy: FX Chief


You might as well start weighing your farts and then lighting them. There is nothing in these metrics. S&P indices, GDP, GNP, growth rates, liquidity, capital formation. You are in a den of thieves and they are singing a sea shanty. Go look outside at the dead people and the stunted and stunned lives.

Finally all that can be said is....

“By enemy I mean that we are being perceived by the people who live on 1 dollar a day as the enemy to be destroyed. That is what Obama is proselytizing. He is a globalist Alinskyist. His job is to rouse the international mob, move them and get them to take over our society. This is all linked into the Green earth worship, the new religion. That is what is at the bottom of all this shit about 100million fuckwitz from Africa getting imported to Europe. This is what is behind the Reconquista in USofA corp.

We are being set up. Long in the planning and part of a never ending ancient process. We are being painted as Marie Antionettes.” INCOMING!!!!!!! 28th July 2010.

The new partisans will be green and when they slit your throat they will ensure a little tree grows and a fern so that a little pandagoslingcub can be snug and sleep tight where your body rots.

The guys fronting the whole massacre will, just as Uncle Joe found out, have Swiss Swastika bank accounts. The cunts.

Have you got one?