Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hunt for Tyneside Gunman and 7/7

Raoul Moat is on the run.

Around 40 specialist officers from the Metropolitan Police C019 unit are also involved, including a handful of snipers, known as rifle officers by police.

However, apparently, the shift of high-tech resources out of the capital will not increase the danger to Londoners when Ali Baba are waiting 24/7 and alert 365 days a year to drop by and nuke Tower Hamlets. Obviously years of experience with shifting the cream of our counter terror resources and ZOMO around UKplc has left the authorities confident that denuding the capital city of the Imperial Guard will not lead to casualties. Otherwise known as dead civilians. Previously undead friends and family. Collateral Damage.

Well I hate to bring this up…but…..

Security and police actions

On 19 June details of the security for the summit were leaked to the British newspaper The Independent on Sunday, because of concerns by an intelligence source that ministers were being "complacent".

The security operation, involving more than 10,000 police,many of whom were armed, possibly a number of US Marines, a Special Air Service (SAS) team and snipers,as well as the unprecedented intelligence gathering beforehand by the security service and American intelligence agencies is estimated to have cost around GB£100 million.[9]

Police officers from all over Great Britain were called in to reinforce the local forces to maintain order in Edinburgh and other cities; even small protests were cordoned off by large numbers of police officers.

The protest legal support team estimates that at least 700 people were arrested and 350 charged. Targeted actions of London's forward intelligence teams (FITs) resulted in several of the arrests. Most people were released with strict bail conditions, having to leave the districts of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and/or Stirling or even Scotland all together. Several people were rearrested for breaching their bail conditions. Section 60, a law allowing searches for weapons in designated areas, was continuously used to stop and search people.[10]

Ooops! The Praetorians dropped that pass. Didn’t they?

We, the leaders of the G8, are united in condemning in the strongest terms the
terrorist attacks in London. We express our deepest condolences to the victims and
their families. We assure the people of the United Kingdom of our solidarity in the
continuing struggles against terrorism. We denounce all terrorist acts as criminal,
and reiterate that there can be no excuse, no justification for such slaughter. As we
and our fellow leaders said yesterday, we are striving to combat poverty and to save
and improve lives. The perpetrators of yesterday's attacks were intent on destroying
lives. We will respond resolutely, together and severally, to this global challenge
and work to bring terrorists to justice wherever they are.

Bwahahahahahaaaaaa. That’s like Stalin squawk or Hitler mong.

The only way to square those two circles is that we are insects living in a 60/60, 24/7, 365 weaponised media complex where everything is and is not, everything that was was not, everything that was not was and still is, everything that is is not, depending on what is to be stolen from us next.

As I said earlier the play has now slopped off the stage and the theatre is like the blob that terrified Steve McQueen and is taking over the world.

Icke says, when talking about the Hollie Greig case, that when the alleged bungling and incompetence of the Police starts to take a prime role in the prosecution of the investigation these are the trade marks of an inside job.

Just like in the JFK assassination, 9/11 and 7/7. These were just extremely high level bungled operations where the usual protocols, processes and checks were bypassed, loosened or faked to get the desired result. The clear pattern here is that it is getting easier to carry out these types of organised crimes at the state level, now that the state has been stolen from the free peoples of the West.

I have near and dear who missed the blasts on 7/7 by chance, by minutes and seconds, by random choices and unforeseen delay. I know many were not so fortunate. As I watched the pantomime unfolding on the GGT all that day I realised that somewhere in my government some group didn’t care if I would be attending funerals that coming week or not.

One of the give aways that these are set up jobs is the thoughtless lump of crap that is the memorial. That eyesore has no artistry, no love, no thought and no soul. It is a product of an evil scheme perpetrated on us day after day as we look at the stumps. The monoliths. Harking back to a dark and unrevealed Neolithic mind set. 9/11 & 7/7.

We have RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) government and it is based off shore, not in UKplc. We are being changed into creatures assembled in the great marshalling yards of the psycho killers and qu’est-ce que c’est mind binders.

Do we really have no power against them?

Well of course we do.

That’s why the constant barrage of crap from the toffee box. The ersatz voice of freedom lobbing shit. Ordure delivered from the great dump sump by the Goebbels Gobshite Towers' pump and the fleets of bitchboy minions. Minions sitting there spending our license payers’ money on huge lines of huge coke and genetically enhanced Palam Bang ladyboys during Songs of Praise.

Do not believe a word they say or an image they show you.

Make up your own mind.