Saturday, 3 July 2010


Have a swatch at this.

Now how to put this into perspective?

I know this isn’t an exact analogy, but I hope it gets the flavour of the treason being perpetrated against us over to you.

If during the Battle of the Bulge the French 1st Armoured had been shipped out of the line and sent to ooohhhhhh let me seee…. yes, Kursk to train with the Commie 5th Guards Armoured Corp. You might have raised an eyebrow. Especially since all the logistics were provided by us. Might the garlic munchers be divulging our tactics, our electronics, our methods and weaknesses? Might there be a possibility that we would have a bunch of fifth columnists in our midst when the escargot seasoners turned up in the line again? And since we know that the Commies are well infiltrated by Gehlen’s Fremde Heere Ost and vice versa then the only guys getting the shitty end of the stick stuck in their faces will by the Limeys, Canucks and the Yanks. Again.

Look at those guys. They are very well equipped. They look like some sort of MilSpec Gok Wan has had a go at them!!!

They’ve got all the cool kit that the cyber age demands. Who did the R&D on that then?

I wonder if they will suffer any equipment shortages like our troopers? Especially the ChiComm guys, they’ll get every bit of kit that the thieves can steal from us. I’ll bet the ChiComm politburo don’t scrimp that hap’orth o’ tar. I’ll bet the guys that supply the ChiComm troopers don’t steal half the contract value hidden by PFI or logistics support contractor schemes.

Oh no they don't because the Red Lead Pill Pharmacy will come acalling.

Look at that lovely kit Gok gave them. All bought and paid for by money stolen from us through our stinking financial services industries.