Monday, 26 July 2010

Pass the salt and keep it quite.

Here at the North Finchley dohyo word has come down from on high to clean up our act.

Gambattte!!!! Let the zabuton fly.

However first things first and congratulations from our stable master to a great champion. Aaahhh we remember The Wolf well, having booked the best seats in the house here in London in 1991 to see him, only to be disappointed. The memory of his steely eye and fortitude keep us all fired up here on the sacred clay during the long cold winter nights’ training. Now with summer's passing we are fully aware that the long night of our discontent approaches.

Secondly we wish to make it clear that we, here on the desolate dohyo, never took any backhanders, brown enveloped packets of wonga or Hong Kong bookie’s spending money; ever. The world may be awash with filth but we remain purest of the pure.

You can tell that is the truth because we are piss poor and our mawashis are thread bare and we have no rice, Niigata, ASDA or otherwise, but still we go on fighting the sacred fight for light against the forces of darkness.

Word has it that our clay is so pure that if England still manufactured anything it could be used for tea service or Dresden ware and, may the great stones defend us, the Chinese might wish to make crockery from it.

Whatever; we are not going to surrender and there is no life in this world worth the CO2 as an abject subject.

No matter what the word from on high, here on the street the Tel Aviv mouth myth gets it’s arse booted right royally.

Go have a wander like we did this weekend round the GGT. There is no one there.

Seriously, the whole thing is uninhabited.

That one fact explains a great deal down the Hong Kong bookie’s.

Oh BTW TPTB you are all getting a top knot in the teeth. You are all going down.