Friday 29 October 2010

Bullet Splash upon a Pale Horse

I hate any British lifeform that heaves into view to inform us about subjects not coverd by the MSM. I’ve in the past mentioned one particular UKplc ex civil servant who pitched up at an exopolitics conference recently, bwahahahahaahahahahaa, and is always getting a fat finders fee everytime the GGT wants a vacuous empty talking head pissing serious bollox on UFOs.

As you’ve no doubt picked up by now I detest the highly paid eunuchs and handmaidens that staff the GGT that have billeted themselves in quiet very expensive Cotswold, Kent and Sussex Downs hovels far from the scum they spoon feed everyday with utter rubbish. They are paid handsomely to keep a straight face.

However I have a special visceral loathing for the UKplc clowns that inhabit the alternative and purport to bring us items to expand our knowledge. Like our scamming so called UFO expert. Well they don’t.

I’ll illustrate by allegory.

If you wanted to know what it was like to fly Arc Light missions then you’d most likely get guys who did the flying leading a discussion with ex colleagues and guys who’d really been there. That is USofA Corp.

In UKplc you’d get some clown who’d been placed in a flight simulator and deemed a safe pair of hands to talk about it with others who’d written about it at third and fourth hand. They all stink. They are paid for media whores without the least backbone.

You’ll never get a guy who was gunnery officer in a battleship let loose on your reality space but the geezer who runs the fixed air rifles at the funfare will be like a rash on your screen telling you all about ranging shots and bracketing.

UKplc lives in Marie Antoinnette’s pigsty’s shitheaped Animal Farm. That’s why the government here can do anything it likes to cover the theft of everything.

So with a little free time late last night I fired up something I’d been wanting to visit for quite some time now. I bumped into it because I was looking to see what latest ninja nonsense Fulford was dropping over at Rense’s shop for October. Well it must have been my lucky night because I got another one of my favourites. DIcke on that UKplc Lalaland fauxGGT show.

As I wandered through this, two thoughts came to mind.

Firstly the lie that is “fair and balanced” within the GGT paradigm infests UKplc nonMSM as a whole. That translates through the OrwellianBabelFish as; keep the fools confused and make sure the unmentioned offical line is what the stinkards are left with. Remember these guys are from the funfare not reality and don’t want to end up cast from the comfy life and limelight like Simon Dee.

Secondly the soft mind of DIcke. Now I do like DIcke and his message of love is admirable. However there is an interesting change in his message revealed in this very recent broadcast, Oct 2010, namely his broaching of the possibilty of armed resistance. This is a new departure. If you’ve checked out the beginnings of DIcke’s adventure in 1989/90 or so you’ll be uncomforably aware of the possibility that he is a GGT psyops pickup. Alan Watt certainly thinks so. Remember the GGT is a Fabian/Tavistock vipers nest of mind fuckers. So I’ve been waiting all these years, hoping to be wrong all that time, for his controllers to reveal their evil influence. The guy running the funfare booth did his job admirably.

To compare and contrast have a look below at the end, the real deal. This guy had a hard mind and would have delivered our fauxGGT bitchboy a good pummelling if they’d met.

I again watched the tribute to him as I checked out the infrequent musings at another of my favourite sites. Poke The Eye.

You’ll need to get the comfy seat out, dim the lights and break open a good bottle of sippin’ liquor very late in the evening.

Three things that I’ll comment on.

1. He’s sharp enough to have answered the question he poses about physics and engineering right at the beginning of this documentary and when he self corrects in the face of the evidence, which didn’t make him popular with handled propeller heads, you know he’d have done so.

2. No one ever spends anytime looking into the really interesting question about the J F Kennedy assassination. Why and where did Jackie go?

3. The very ancient origins of the beliefs behind the financial system which he described are ceremonially manifest in the means of his removal. He knew he was deep within a ritual. The consumption of time, quite literally, is at the basis of this ancient credo and is represented by the desire to establish a universal instrument of our unceasing worship and nothing else.

I’d recommend Talisker and on seeing the tribute again I reckon that’s another of the empty saddles filled of my Magnificent Seven.

William Cooper.