Thursday, 14 October 2010

There’s a Comprehensive rUbber chicken or egg speNding review coming up nexT week.


Now then let us review a little. The commie bitchboys have been grooming us since 2007 for a good reaming up the sphincter. That is; the criminal cover being run out of Westminster in all so called parties. They’ve been acting as gate guardians and fifth columnistas to accept the flood of TARP money into Europe, Rothschild’s pockets, that has been planned for, ohhhh, several decades now. At least since Volcker kick started the deindustrialisation process in USofAcorp. after the ChiComm Pandas were Kissingered.

Nothing new there, they decided to do it to UKplc two decades before around the time of Suez.

Anyway back to modern times. Gordon HalfoffuckallFuckedwitz Brown almost fumbled the pass when Northern Rock hit the rocks and so loaded up UK tax payers with imaginary fairy dust debt to “save” the day.


It was to provide a quick fix cover for the ongoing stripping away of all the remaining vestiges of civilisation because Roth wants his cash back. Cash that he’d had to release to UKplc peasants because the Square Heads were a far tougher nut to crack and he almost lost the USSR. Once the Hun and the USSR were out of the way Roth wanted his peace dividend.

Remember the peace dividend UKplc? Did you ever see one penny of that?

Of course not.

You could tell Cameron was into the gig when he came back from Sweden all birched and IKEA’d up the ass with educational reform. No money for UK peasants so throw the schools at them. Oh and thanks Tony for refurbing the schools we’ll be handing over to our religiocriminal mates.

3 long years of utter crap trying to take our minds of the fact that every part of our economic activity is now criminal. Everything is RICO. Everything has been stolen. All the distraction to make sure that when the Chancellor bitchboy and his great big wurlitzer treasury muppet show tell us to fuck off and starve because there is no more money we’ll have forgotten that it all started 30 years or more ago when the white shoe boys, as Celente calls them, finally got round to stealing everything in the Kingdom.

Are you too stupid to realise that your children are going to live in 16th Century England rather than 21st Century UKplc. 16th Century England where the white slavers from the Barbary coast came and stole England’s people for the Muslim slave markets in North Africa. Slaving ships captained by Dutch Cryptos.

Well if you have forgotten and The Coagulated Administration we’ve got using 10 Downing Strasse as a front for their GansterBankster Kapos and Capo di Capos hope you do.

This could put a great big spoke in the whole works.

Wakey wakey it is in all probability even more dire than the guys trying to kid you it is all hunkydory have been breifed.


The great thing is that if it does all go tits up we’ll have chance at a renaissance like we had in 500AD. Think that through before you get your knickers in a twist.

The give away should become apparent when the Armed Forces structure is revealed. No Army and no RAF, no defence of UKplc means that TPTB have planned a massive OFF somewhere very, very far away. Whoever the poor fucks are, and I’ve got my faves as you know, they are about to get their societies dragged into the 22nd century through the mincing lens of a great red pyre and graveyard, then dropped back to the 16th to join us in our UN gulag.

That’s the plan I’ll wager however two things might throw it askew.

In their hubris they’ll forget the maxim that all battle plans do not survive the first clash.

And I hope the guys that they have targetted put up a greater resistance than we have, they do have the advantage of being older peoples with greater and more deep rooted traditions.

Meanwhile back in the ruination that is UKplc it becomes clear what all the investment in the CCTV crap was for. If you have watched the sham coverage on GGT about 7/7 and CCTV “evidence” you’ll see it is all useless, it only gives a fig leaf for the fabricated cover story.

Oh no the real utility is only apparent when there is a curfew, then and only then does it become effective. And the longer the curfew the weaker the system becomes. Again I’ll leave you to work that one out for yourselves.