Monday, 4 October 2010

Once more I have to ask…

…just how much does it cost to refuel a C17?

Just to complicate matters I also wish to ask the following. Just who owns the things? By that I mean, since we now know what a bunch of criminal shysters we have running this country into the ground. Shysters in the pay of the banksters who got the shysters to make us pay for things that they own, not us.

You know things like hospitals, schools, railways, banks etc.

A scam, a confidence trick

The reason I ask is just imagine we wanted to tool up the C17s and get some of the lads out of harms way pronto. Wouldn’t it be a real bummer if the real owners turned up and said we want them for lifting our jet skis into the high Andean lakes where we are building a playground, they may have RAF roundels on them but we own them so hand over the keys.

All innocent like. Not got any connection to wanting our guys dead up an Af/Pak mountain rough landing strip.

No siree, nothing strange happening with airyplanes these days.

You know what I’m going to say so just for once I’ll put another image or two in your heads.

No money, brassic, paupered. Whilst the Pink Whitehouse dines on us in style.

That’s how the Freikorps got started. Troopers feeling fucked over by the muppets left at home pissing all over everything.

Have this one.

Interdicted logistics trains?

Or, supplies cut off?

Got it yet?


Here’s a clue.

I know it doesn’t meet all the criterion and I know it might be a bit of a stretch allegorically, but when you factor in the ChiComms pissing around with their new toys two weeks ago, that our best guys and gear are out there and the fuel trucks are ablaze.


Do you seriously expect me to believe after all the other shit that has been pulled on us that the goonsters wouldn’t?

Af/Pak is a Holbrooke driven mission to hell to meet his god.

All troops out now and back home.

If Holbrook wants to let off some ordinance in country let him get his own extended family deadified.

Oh no they’ll suddenly develop some syndrome or condition that means they cannot leave a 5star hotel or the beach.

Yellow trouble making bastards.