Sunday, 3 October 2010

Some have gone, some swaatched, others remain…

..however to understand men from such a tiny number requires a very, very, very long time for the harvest to be realised when they number billions. How can so much realise so little? How can we invest our miracle in the stare and stair to nothing?

Or it was all done before?

What is it we do? What is the repetition we are being sorted towards? Do the mentally ill currently have a Darwinian advantage? The syndromed and disordered are being selected for.?

Go on look at the liars’ box. All the MSM and marketing. All the adverts shoving their way into your attention space. All repetitive and syndromed. Like sick polar bears in a cage. Even the MSM concrete blondes cannot hide the stress and strain. Even after all their high level grooming and training. All the lines and nad dysfunction soon enough reveals itself.

Either way enjoy the great man again.

Since we squander that which loves us most we’d better be careful that what we hate might not just love us in return and be our love sourced.

Have some more.

It is our sovereignty to remove the Herd Attention Space to wherever we do not desire.