Thursday, 7 October 2010

Further thoughts on 9/11 et al.

Here are some brave FDNY witnesses telling it as it really was.

H/T Maximum Max

You know the train of thoughts and my description of the 8 jobs running that day in the Pantechnikon of reality.

However there was another one which was so obvious I missed it.

A deliberate first responder massacre.

So that is 9 inside jobs running on 9/11

Which gives further grist to the mill in my musings that 7/7 was all staged. You don’t need an ODIGO account to realize that. Do you?

The thing that distinguishes 9/11 from all the rest is that deliberate first responder massacre.

On 7/7 I watched the GGT repeated looping of Casualty that day. If there had been a real terrorist mastermind at work that day nail bombs would have gone of to take out the first responders and their expensive equipment, remember those bubble suites the medics wore? Remember how hard it was to get money out of Gordon Brown for anything equipment wise, whether for troops, first responders, LU staff, Transport Police etc, etc, etc,.. even though we were supposed to be at war with an implacable enemy?

I do not want to belittle the suffering caused to those who were injured on 7/7, or the families who grieve. If 5 minutes had changed I would have been a widower, if 2 minutes had changed I’d have attended the funeral of a very close friend, if 30 seconds had changed my daughter would have attended the funerals of one of her classmate’s parents. As the days passed after 7/7, it became clear how many of my friends and acquaintances had gone through the nexus within scant minutes or mere yards from the kill zone. The runes fell on 7/7 and for some they didn’t get to the end of the day.

We were not targeted by terroristas and bandidos; we were targeted by cold blooded murderers operating deep within our governing apparatus. Extra territorial and supra governmental corporates indifferent to our daily lives and loves. In fact positively antagonistic to our wellbeing.

To use Cold War terminology we’ve been subject to blue on blue disguised as red on blue.

No expense spared on the explosives, planning and MSM cover up though.

Remember this is UK plc, money does not get spent on equipment for anything or anyone, certainly not the peasants. UK peasants are cheap, equipment costs MONEY!!!!

Money is to be spent on fine wines, sweet meats and ladyboys for the oligarchs in RCE/LC. Get in the way of that constant flood of free money and you will get blued.