Friday, 1 October 2010


Watched this (with a very curious reference to weather wars) earlier over at G. Celente’s place, and noted that G. Ure gave the subject a mention today as well.

I’ve also put the motherfuckers in the frame on several occasions. As has Akira and Bollyn.

Holbrooke and Kissinger, the two stooges of the apocalypse. Just what are your real handles lads?

So here we are casting around in tertiary sources at best and even we can see the game being played. I said over a the other shop over a year ago that two outcomes were very clear in Af/Pak. Firstly Holbrooke was on a mission to degenerate the SW Asia region into flames from one end to the other. Just like his mentor Kissinger did in SE Asia. Secondly putting more NATO forces into the area just leads to more dead civilians and more dead troopers. Bingo. What do we have now? Right on cue we’ll have nihilistic fanatical leaders springing up to liquidate the population in some weird year zero rerun.

Do you remember Indira Gandhi? Guess whose name comes up again ? The way I heard it though was Gandhi seized power in 1975 to stop a war in SW Asia.

Casting the Kristallkugel around what can we discern?

With the same trouble making goonsters still poisoning the planet it will be the same old same old. Here is why my eye was drawn to Myanmar yesterday.

Only with a bigger body count.

Well GV has started down the analysis path today. However if you’ve got some kugels you might as well use them.

Everyone notes that the great big comfy sofa called the middle-class is being killed off. Chicago school muppetry has seen the great decadent, patio’d, BBQ’d and decked social crumple zone of the free people being dismantled year after year since 1970 or so.

This mash welded impact zone was fundamental to keeping the psychopaths and gangsters out of power or at least moderating their chain reaction proclivities. It was necessary in its twee suburban comforts in order to keep any outbreak of fascism’s flame extinguished and out of the parliamentary process.

A great big safety valve keeping the black shirts out, the commie banksters out and most importantly making sure, simply by existing, that the twain never met.

Another trend is that the increased proportion of the wealth of the “free” world has being concentrated into fewer and fewer hands. Once again in the good old days when the ordinary punter had cash that also modified the psychopaths’ options as far as body counts were concerned.

We all know that we’ve got gangsters and thieves handling all that wealth, go on then, have a good hard look at the TARP fiasco or the Quantitative Easing scam. It is called firing up the printing presses to monetize the imaginary money they created. However in their egregiousness they over cooked the books and didn’t get the ChiComms and Indians fully boonswaggled before the game blew up.

Now there are to be cuts to services in Western countries and somehow we are supposed to think that there is a link between the two. The lying MSM grooming us for a good buggering.

Well let us put this into perspective. If the town bank got robbed the locals would get a posse together and track the perps down. Hang them high and recover the swag. No discernable cuts or change in the townsfolk’s behavior or services proffered would be discernable. Mind you the coffin maker might have a spike in business.

So what is so different today? Well every institution and organization that we townsfolk come into contact with has gone RICO. They are rotten from top to bottom.

Instead of cutting the services we should demand their complete disbanding, so called governcontempt included, and our restarting from scratch. Councils, Quangos, House of Lords, Westminster, EUSSR, NHS, education, Policing Armed Forces…everything. They are demonstrably not fit for purpose. No questions asked.

Oh and you and I know who’d get their necks stretched and swing in the breeze to make sure they had no chance to steal the new organizations we’d set up.

Anyway reality suggests that they’ll finally implode the system and use the old Iron Mountain Report trick of war as a vehicle for rapid social change.

As I mentioned before the likely outcome of this remote war that will be waged is a lack of witnesses to the war crimes being perpetrated. Even more than Nuremberg or The Hague if there does happen to be a War Crimes trial it will be like Stalin’s show trials. A stitch up.

Anyone can see that over the past decade the fires of intolerance have been stoked and stoked and stoked in SW Asia. Just like Europe a century ago.

We in the west will find ourselves corralled into a Fascist pen whilst the old belief systems in SW Asia are denatured and made fit for sports shoe manufacturers to enslave the remaining populations.

Just like Vietnam.