Thursday, 30 September 2010

Proximity alert.

London calling.

If you were a money sucking epicure where would you want to have run over to maximise your pile of hash over the next 150 years?

This is a management issue.

Two centuries ago they moved into managing millions of people in a killing zone and extended collateral. 150 years ago the management competency moved on to tens of millions still in the killing zone. After that management needed, in best public school boy tradition a massive attrition to absorb the new technology, then management competency could manoeuvre hundreds of millions in the kill zone and death zone collateral.

70 long years ago.

That is where it all stopped, a hiatus, before management got back to books and theory. Bright lads and lassies reckoned they could at last handle billions in the magic warrior lethality space. A huge attrition is now beckoning as they gain more hands on experience.

Now the tended and nursed ritual littoral has a designed weakness.

Scunnert you were correct, I think. I was off by several thousand miles. Akira you were correct, I called the island dweller wrong.

Freemen regard the slip into a half dimension and then like some freeked and freak show Xeno’s paradox never into null.

My eye falls here. All the demographics and the history. All the personalities. All the signs from the liars’ window say now.

No one can stop it.

RCE/TA has its soldiers already on the ground.