Thursday, 2 September 2010

Emissions Incandescence Test.

So the banks have been stressed tested have they? Why should we believe them? How do we know that the stress testers didn’t just park themselves in a 5 star suite in the Sheraton, order up caviar, cognac and industrial strength hookers, order them to get their kecks off and bend over and then proceed to throw paper darts at their starfishes? Is that a stress test?

Come on; let’s have a look at the rap sheet.

First of all Alan (I love Ayn) what’s your real handle? Grünspawn. The man who fronted for the looting of the USofA corp. It was on his watch that all the savings left the USofA for the ChiComms to build shining cities on hills and mud flats. It was his task to fill the ChiComm treasury with all the stolen money so that Pandaboy Kissinger could get the next phase of the dialectic kicked off. They love ChiCommland, it is sooo NOAHide.

Alan didn’t think we’d notice that when he rigged the inflator measure for the economy by gradually degrading the quality of meat in the basket of goods from prime fillet steak, through stewing to chuck, to burgers, to offal, to saw dust to chicken shit, just to prove that we lived in a low inflation world thanks to his genius, he thought we wouldn’t notice. Well we did laughing boy. We do not believe anything you and your mates at the Fed said or say. I’m supposed to have lived in a wonderful economic paradise of low inflation. Get lost MSM, get lost Alan, and get lost economic punditry. It was all a cover to steal the money we had, loot our savings and set the ChiComms up to storm the world and make us all speak NOAHide so that Alan, Kissinger and their supremacist mates can worship their golden calf in a NOAHide paradise. Known to you and me as HELL.

What next then? Oh yes as part of the cover story the rating agencies were giving their blessings to all and sundry. Moody’s, Fitch, S&P and now there is a new ChiComm rating agency Dagong Global Credit Rating Co. These slobs pontificate and their mates in the MSM and high Finance give them massive street credit. Dagong will be fronting for the same guys that stole all the money from USofA corp. pension funds, have no doubt about that.

Well they have been talking utter drivel now for decades haven’t they? These fools rated all the derivative swaps and “exotic” financial instruments AAA. All the rubbish that the punditry waffled on the MSM quoting these ratings to cover the steal. The theft. They are RICO. So after the implosion in 2007/08 after all the money had been nicked and their ratings were proven to be phantasmagorical you’d reckon someone would have gone round to their offices wearing steel toe capped boots and carrying a fire axe. And visited the most appalling retribution on the most useless consumers of free Oxygen on the planet. No, not a peep, they have done their job. The money has gone.

Even so you’d think that after they’d been exposed as nothing more than the brothers Grimm fan club for the 21st century, ridicule would be heaped on them for their complete divorce from reality. They are the financial equivalent of VIZ or The Three Stooges. But no, they are still allowed to pronounce and their signals are greeted with bated breath by the funny money professionals (hookers). How can anyone take them seriously and why don’t the governments of Ireland, Greece and sundry other countries just send the army round and do to their offices what the USAF did to the Chink TV station building in Belgrade. How can you let these incompetent hustlers down grade your rating in something that does not exist. RICO. The governments are RICO. Only explanation possible.

So as I said before Moody’s, S&P, Fitch, Dagong. You are not fit to rate my burning farts!! Fuck off.

All the measures that you and your mates in the financial funfair, the funny money circus, set in front of us as truth are nothing but specious propaganda. Utter rubbish.

Inflation Rate, GDP, GNP, Credit Ratings, Growth Figures, Unemployment Figures etc., etc., etc…

Bearing in mind that this stuff is all illusion then I reckon I can start my own rating agency and develop my own measure of GDP.

Which first? Well I reckon that my measure of GDP will be far more accurate than any crap the above goon show can possibly get their psychopathic, sociopathic tiny minds around.

Where to start? Well we’ll keep the figures in US Dollars for the discussion. My time and the time of those I know when devoted to the real things in this life, not the forged receipts from the temples, oh no real things like caring for others, things that do not get paid in the priest thieves imagined world, which needs an hourly rate. So to get a feel for that rate I wonder what a top Hollywood lawyer gets as an hourly rate. That has got to be one of the most useless activities on the planet and yet one that commands the highest reward.

Well lookee here “Entertainment lawyers often work for a flat hourly rate, anywhere from $175 to $450 depending on experience, while others take a 5 to 10 percent cut of the related earnings for an artist or project that they're associated with. Some lawyers work on a value billing system where the cost of the legal services are based on the related earnings, but not necessarily on a fixed percent

Now that large figure I will inflate by an order of magnitude since I’m after the big boys to get $4500/hr. And because I’m after the really big guys, the ones who exemplify the getting tons of cash for doing absolutely sweet FANNY ADAMS I’ll go for the right hand side of their Gaussian distribution and take $50,000 per hour.

Now there cannot be more than 1 million of these creatures in this Ponzi money world so that leaves 6.848 billions of us that actually do real things in this reality.

If we take a fourteen hour day I make that a Gross Global Product of $1,749,664,000,000,000,000 or One and three quarters quintillion US Dollars

There that put the toxic debt into perspective you fiat funny money muppets.

Now then ratings.

I’m just going to invent mine with no further ado and apply it as I feel like. That’s what Moody’s et al have been doing anyway as they helped steal all our wealth.

I’ll call it INCOMINGS!!!!!!! Fartthing Index.

The IFI.

And I now pronounce the following well and truly given their lifetime IFI rating.

Alan Greenspan ZZZ---∞
Fitch ZZZ---∞
Moody’s ZZZ---∞
S&P ZZZ---∞
Gordon Brown ZZZ---∞
Barry Soetoro ZZZ---∞
UN ZZZ---∞
Goldman Sachs ZZZ---∞
Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski ZZZ---∞
George what’s your real handle? Soros ZZZ---∞
Maurice Strong ZZZ---∞
Al Gore ZZZ---∞

And you’ll never get a better rating even if you bring the Archangel Gabriel round with you and beg because it is my rating and I can damn well do with it what I want. Just like you muppets did when half inching our pensions.