Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Ersatz Terminus

Last night I read a little something that let another penny drop. No! Rather the penny was already falling but the article allowed me to guide the penny into its correct place on the shuv penny board.

For a little while the activities of the Rothschild’s Corporate Entity operating out of Tel Aviv, which is no more than a hi-tech pirate base, has been stealing and selling western tech. to the ChiComms. Four decades or more. They’ve guided our pensions overseas after so called financial reforms were enacted and since 9/11 the base of ops has been looting money from the treasuries of the west, USofA Corp. especially, and sending the loot somewhere. ChiCommland mainly to build shiny new metropolitan bases to hide in.

Do you remember the other 9/11in 2008?

There are chronological inconsistencies here which I’ll put down to the usual disinfo artistry.

Look at all the characters involved supposedly panicking to save the good old USofA corp.

If we view them as agents of another power then the events make much more sense.

“$783 billion did leave US coffers in less than four hours” That smacks of the conveniently opened secret door that sank Byzantium!

Sitting in the middle of course is Goldman Sucks. The Fifth Column.

So when I read this, all became klaar.

Of course it is all part of the shift to their newest bestest organ stealing buddies and they’ll shed their Goldman skin by then, 2040, and take on a new form deep in their new home. Liman Sucks of Shanghai perhaps.

Remember they’ve been doing their jinn’s work, haven’t they?

So much for their plans though. They’ll not find it so easy a job as taking down USofA corp. because if you noticed when I parked Part 13 out here I had added an UNKNOWN 2.

You cannot escape the dialectic lads and you do not control this one.