Sunday, 19 September 2010

Dear UK plc.

We are still at war.

The UN police action is still actionable.

I’m going to retire soon. As I said earlier.

Like an old mate of my daddy, I’ll be wandering around the freeworld at my leisure. Daddy and Herr Schicklgruber had a massive time going to Disneyland and chillin’. As Herr H used to say “Dead millions are as nothing to our mission”.

None of you cunts ever will retire. You will all die in harness. No pensions.

Tell me arsewipes. Is it better to die frozen stiff in Barnet after the utilities have been sabotaged by high frequency trading or to have lead pilled your way to a comfy bed, warmed by the skins of millions of the human herd?

Go on retards work that out. I’m off to the casting couch like my mate Simon.

Who’s the bitch now? Bwahahahaaahaaaaaaaa………..

Get this down you, you cannon fodder fuckedwitz, soon peace will be mine. Unlike you tormented fucktards.

I am made.

Fuck you lot.

Goons and supine guys and dolls.