Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Sustained virulence.

Once again everything that follows has nothing to do with God.

Again everything that follows has nothing to do with pure markets.

At last my noodle has cleared. We had some real live commie chums round our shop this weekend. Oh yes real flesh and blood commies. I’ve mentioned them before. One couple is ChiComm. She was a real life commie party poster girl, oh yes commie royalty there. He and his family were banished into the wilderness during the 1960s and froze their nads off in a hovel near the old Soviet border for years on end. The other couple are Madrassa USSR commies. He is Byelorussian and she is a Muscovite. However the Red flag was not flying that evening.

Never will be.

Fuck that for a game of soldiers.

These guys are glad they’d managed to make a break for the border. Their children are a delight and proof that the evil fuckedwitz are on a hiding to nothing with their NWO.

UKplc might be going down the U-bend but there is no one here, yet, that will kill your second baby as it presents itself. No one here yet going to stick an AK47 in your ear hole if you get in the way of a Khazari oligarch.

So whilst the gentlewomen got on with a bit of yakking the manholes did what they do best. Got some serious Bowtime in and put the world to rights.

Russia has a succession problem, just like John Company after Henry VIII. Putin is in trouble. The Medvedyev goons are going to go for the slow bleed. The goon that runs Byelorussia is a Kim Jong Il type Foundation bitchboy. Like Belgium he is maintaining gaming country. Manoeuvre.

If a close look is had at Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus and Kaliningrad we end up back in the slave labour camps. RICO slavers. The slave labour camps where the Kapo system was given free license. Who read the Kapo riot act? Reds. Commies. Regimented and well organised by fiat fancy money.

It is amazing what you can do with nothing and theft. Slow theft of lives. Creeping over generations and then when the correct numbers of fools are born and the instability is riotous. Lead Pill Pharmacy through the oestrogen bullet.

My ChiComm fellow swiller remarked hat when he was out in ChiCommland this summer he sweated his bollox off. The irony was not lost on us. He could not fully describe the pent up desire, the dam bursting pressure, the beseeching of ordinary Chinese to burst out. They have money flooding out their gates.

Gate in, gate out.

Fiat fancy money. The kind that worked in the slave camps.

Count the dead. How many? Where are they? Growing fine GM crops on the blood of millions?

What you will never read is that the epicentre of all the killing in 20th Century Europe was a Khazari on Sephardi ethnic cleansing. Deep in Lebensraum. Deep in Germany, the Reich’s protectorate; the killing, under a foundation theoretical cloak, was Talmud. That’s correct, for the slow of picking up the WTF is going on. Primary afflicted on primary afflicted. Blue on blue. All in the midst of a secondary afflicted stand by and tertiary afflicted bloodfest. Atheists are too stupid to understand anything, limited as they are; buy hubris.
If you get that then you will not blink when Kashkari turned up with his arrogant begging bowl.


Go on then.

Define money.

Define Semite.

Define profit.

How long can an organism survive in an environment polluted by its own toxicity Gyorgi Schwartz? Oh yes you were deep in the oven with your daddy, weren’t you? What is your real handle? How does Ba’al Hammon know you? How long can you run before all the selling out runs you down? For ever is the answer and you will die safely tucked up in bed with your loved ones around you closely watched by your minders' minds. A golden mattress and a silver pillow, they better bury you bitter deep. Schön

A mobile organism can change location to a fresh killing field. A static organism must induce a flow of fresh nutrients and evacuation of poisons by expending a constant effort through creating a self sustaining flow.

What happens to you and me if an organism achieves both divine states? Shitting all over where ever it has been and sucking the life out of the ecosphere from a fixed position of poison.

All is timing. If you pay heed to the dates and the heavens then your mind will create an action space tailored to your success. No retribution. If executed properly.

Will the Noosphere die?

That is the plan I believe. A plan within a plan, a plot within a plot, a schemed plan plotted many millennia ago now.

What to do?

Ignore the fucks?

Do you dare ignore their kind invitation to partake of the endless festival? Have you the wherewithal to refuse the ceremony, defy the ritual, and anathematise the worship? Do you? Well get ready to be lonely. You are indeed different for you defy your god, your maker. You were made for this purpose. Why do you think you are always railing against the system? Your mind is unquiet. You are woodpecker noncompliant and stick out like a sore thumb.

A tall poppy?

The drug dealer’s scythe is coming to cut you down.

CIA is godless.

The Satanic trinity has no where to run.

Money. Afflicted. Profit.

They do not exist.

We exist.

Got that?

We exist, everything else does not.