Friday, 24 September 2010

Satan’s Song

Finally wrested control of the PC, just, and so fired up the slintermong and hit DL, GV & Harry’s shops in no particular order of preference. Harry immediately chimed since I’d just watched one of those shit Lloyds TSB animated adverts and realised I’d thought the thoughts that Harry wrote. Thieving NOAHide bastards.

Then the goddam awful Flagon’s Pen heaved into view. And I was off again.

Somewhere in the deep past UKplc brought back to these shores a pestilence. A boat landed at Calecut, Cochin, Lagor, Siam or Cachuchi and brought back something that would work without fail until we were brought under its control.

UKplc has been taken over by something alien to our polity and creed.

The signs and symptoms are everywhere.

At a trivial level we have NOAHide courts predicatively programming us on the magic window. Dragon’s Den, X Factor, Masterchef…the list goes on and on. You don’t get anywhere here through excellence you only proceed if the Star Chamber lets you through. You are a supplicant and beggar and üntermensch. That is the antithesis of UKplc’s alleged fondness for meritocratic advancement.

This is NOAHide.

At a profound level we are being restricted in our movements, expression of belief and opinion, and our ability to protest and congregate. We are being proscribed our ancient freedoms by something else’s idea of how humanity should be constructed.

That is NOAHide.

Did you read about the store guard who throttled some poor slob of a thief to death in UK plc? Did you see this from USofA corp? What about this from ChiCommland?


Remote assassination by drone, shoot to kill, removal of work, slavery in London. It may be contract cleaning slavery but I bet they are ISO9001 compliant. Spotless documentation in a shithole world.

NHS & Cuts & Cuts?

All NOAHide.

It is all well and good to keep a close eye on the Rothschild Corporate Entity operating out of Tel Aviv and its nefarious activities. However remember that it is a subset of the NOAHide gang. The NOAHide gang would gladly vape the dump if it suited their aims. Whilst RCE/TA rests NOAHide does not sleep.

Latin America. NOAHide

Europe. NOAHide

All our economic activity is NOAHide RICO just like in the USSR and Fascist Germany. One great big stinking world dominated by nothing. Fiat fancy funny money. Leading every business a merry dance to Satan’s Song.

Go on then define profit, business bitch boys in the Dragons Pen.

Right then that’s that.