Wednesday, 1 September 2010

An aside.

Akira has posted a remarkable document which has diverted me from the things I wanted to say today. It has caused me to pull together some of the thoughts I have not dished out here and over at the other shop, into what I’ve been trying to say for some time.

Akira’s posting has acted as a catalyst.

Anyone who really has looked hard and has ignored the academic foundation bitch boys, see Boring Part 13 of ? for their place in the topology when it hits the streets, will know that the second part of the machine cull of western man kicked off in 1937 in China.

The date you want is, now get this, 7/7 1937.

Got that?

That was when the Imperial Japanese army marched from Manchukuo into northern China.

What did we have to distract our attention around that time from this long anticipated event? That is anticipated by Rock/Roth.

Spanish civil war, Ethiopia and Anschluss.

Brought to you by the foundation front muppets Franco, Mussolini and Hitler. Now the only one of those three who really knew the big picture was Franco and his great work is being realised now as Spain gets into high gear as the prime conduit to South America for the EUSSR. Who else but a foundation muppet would hand over the reigns to the royal bloodlines again after all the bloodshed?

Go on then?

Some have asked if Hitler was a stooge. Mad, bad and in the pockets of the Roth/Rock. Goon yes and deliberately placed where he was to ruin the German nation; again yes. However a traitor, no. A traitor would never have listened to Manstein for Operation Order Yellow’s successful solution. No the traitors’ iceberg can be spied in such characters as Canaris and Göring.

So back to the Far East.

All the hulls of the fast battleships and the fast carriers that hit the water just around 12/7 1941 were ordered up way back in the FDR administration’s past. How come? You don’t just park keels on slipways for the fun of it.

So when the Japanese went over the top the weapons for their destruction were all ready in blue printed form in the great yards and the great plazas of their reconstruction were already on the ceremonial architects’ drawing boards. All that was required was a set up at the chosen place and time. 12/7 1941.

Take a good look at the weapons used in the Pacific. US carrier aircraft were rubbish compared to European theatre tactical aircraft. However those aircraft could be pumped out the factory door ad infinitum.

Go on then, it is 1943 and you want to take a wing of Douglas Dauntless’ over on a rhubarb into northern France. None of them are coming back.

Japanese weaponry similarly outclassed, though there was no manufactory to keep the front line swamped with material. Why do you think Japanese officers always had a sword? Their hand weapons were unreliable. At least they had confidence that the sword would work.

Hard to believe isn’t it? Japanese product is the best of the best in the modern world so getting your head round what I’ve just written should cause cognitive dissonance. Deming had yet to visit Japan back then.

Now we come to the really interesting part. In Europe USAAF 8th Air Force had really, really old kit. B17, B24. I’m not arguing with their strategy though, which worked once the fighters were in place. P51. I’m just noting that against the world’s most technologically advanced entity the USAAF “chose” to send 1930s weaponry. Out East USAAF 20th Air Force got the newest tech. The fruit of all the research carried out in the 1930s, B29, and sailed right up into the jet stream where effects of the winds played havoc with the top secret bomb sight's accuracy. So Le May brought them right down to the ground and fire bombed Tokyo to make way for the sacred architects’ plaza drawings.

Then we come to the Big Sticks. You know my opinion on the whys and wherefores of these ritualised devices. The world’s most technologically advanced instruments used against a people who had not really emerged from the Middle Ages. What does that tell us?

Can you see the mismatch?

Why weren’t the B29s and the Big Sticks used against the hi-tech, hi-spec Nazis?

Why weren’t the fleets of old tech. bombers deployed against the sword wielding Emperor’s sons?

Ceremony and ritual, that’s why.

The samurai guys had stiffed the Rock/Roth and were going to get it in the teeth.

Adolf and the boys were all Roth/Rock and so it was just a turf war between mobs.

And behind it all sat Uncle Roth Joe just dying to make every one of us speak NOAHide.

Thank God for the good citizens of the USofA corp., who most probably didn’t know it at the time, but for their existence back then we would indeed be right here, right now.