Friday, 17 September 2010

Over in the world’s most advanced gender imbalanced, bride kidnapping, and slaving gulag.

Apart from UKplc of course which cannot be bothered with all that crap and just lets its indigenous people die off and replaces them with cheap imports from anywhere. Don’t snicker USofA corp. Catherine has you lot sussed. You want “The Global Economy” in the Audio Excerpts, only 1min 47 but listen good y’all.

BMW driver detained after running over child

If you can read the names meaningfully and note that it was a BMW X6 then this final bit of info should complete the picture.

Shanghai 'caste system' in the making, 7 defined social classes & status

So he’ll be a V in an X6.

Just to complete the picture there is a holiday coming up.

I also note a distinct absence of elastane burners around town like Dohrn, Greer and any of the CIA front publishers from USofA corp. but then I wouldn’t expect any action now that they’ve done their wrecking job since they were all a load of self centered, attention seeking, trouble making, tenured, narcissistic empty vessel bollox.

Binjiang Shanghai

I remember Craig Thomas, 20 years ago now, tipping us off to what was coming down the pike. So much better at describing the private villas and state actors than Tom Clancy.