Tuesday, 14 September 2010


As I put it a little while back.

Compare H/T Goodnight Vienna


Contrast from Sep 7th

Now we can understand why there is so much that does not make sense in this world.

Everything we are invited to witness is a false construct. We are spellbound by highly paid MSM conjurers of the faux floorshow.

Try and leave the theatre and we will be ushered back to our pew.

Try and ignore the invite and that will cause a visitation upon us to review our case. Noncompliance and we are wheeched away.

Re-education is to be watched all the rest of our days.

To refuse the initial invite is to tolerated if silent in our conduct, for we will be denied access to sustenance and die away they hope.

To stand outside the magic show and bullhorn without license is to be terminated.

The dangers of waking are non trivial.

To be awake is to be prescribed a dose of purest GREEN from the Lead Pill Pharmacy’s most toxic tincture of torture one day.