Monday, 29 November 2010


Listen to these two farting into the biosphere. H/T GC. No carbon limits there, eh? Spew as much crap as you want into the human mentalsphere. No caps.

Let’s face it the witch from Arkansas isn’t going to have any trouble fronting up at the “European” security summit in that centre of the Renaissance, Somewherestan?

See all confusion and dysharmony. Cognitive dissonance. Anywherestan? Didn’t know that was in Europe. Oh well the experts say it is so it must be. Good old Mittel European name. Bolloxstan. Fuckedwitzstan. Stinkingshitholestan. Got to be on the Baltic, right?

Also note that the cunning and devyod plan has sown distrust within the once unified civile service of the USofA corp. Diplomats no longer trust defence. Ooh er, that means a Varian expedition soon.

It is all two Ceasers time. One for the East, one for the West.

One of the great things about the elite gulags of young learning is that essential life skills are wrought into the base material. Lasts a life time. The good old honest to goodness psychopathic oligarch can rest assured that whilst he or she is marching the poor, starving and dispossesed into cattle trucks, whilst their henchmen are driving blindfolded innocents through the pitch black night to an open plot there to dig their own graves in a pit where they will be invited to kneel over and worship the lead pill, whilst the top going to work on an egg scryentists stare into our grey matter, whilst millions starve, the crack pot top bods can rest assured that their offspring are acquiring top acting skills from a very young age. Indeed it must warm the cockles of the average tyrant’s stainlesssteel pump to know that minityrant is singing Springtime for Stalin or Maytag mein Fuhrer as far, far away the death camps roar.

I’ll bet on their wedding nights that’s what they all hum to themselves to take away the terrible realisation of what they’ve been married into.

So Clinton won’t be having any problems with her colleagues anywhere, all their sons and daughters will have attended the same children’s garden. Childrens gardens where the seed beds will be manured and nutrified by other children’s children’s lead from long, long ago.

Don’t eat the veg.