Sunday, 28 November 2010


I was feeling all Tophat and Tails, Fred and Ginger, today. What brought that on? Dunno. When I was there it seemed empty, chewed, abused and stagnant. However the old images of my predictively programmed childhood still engender a certain feeling towards it.

Something brought that to the fore today. So I went looking for sounds to satiate the unwarranted emotion. Yello? Peter Skellern? Well I got one of my favorites. Joe Jackson.

Whilst looking I stumbled over the main man again and I felt this was a very important statement of the current contusion and confusion.

I know, I know he dodged a big one in there but I’ll give him it. He’s got a well heeled (healed) audience of skinny old fat bints in California to keep sweet. However that aside he’s stated a very important dimension to this mess. Our own culpability and what to pkekking well do about it.

With that over I caught up with Tarpley’s latest.

If the Eire minimum wage is going to be cut by 1Euro then there is quite simply no more evidence needed that the current politcal economy is bankrupt and lethal. Free markets are rigged markets. Free trade is a steal. Democracy has atrophied and there is no hope in a petrified politcal class. That the religiokriminal network has finally absorbed the free West. That we might as well torch everything on site, in sight, on sight, kill every stranger and revert to a state of nature.

However as I said over at the other shop yesterday and MT laid out above, the solution is in our hands and must start with command over the next second. The dipsticks that think they are better than us have been working on this with indomitable subtltey for centuries. So the roll back requires equally subtle measures on our part. To secure piece by piece, more and more of our lives over a long period of time and at every opportunity ridicule their presumptions.

The distractions will be formidable but the countermeasures we can deploy can negate their lies. Again remember what MT always says about the truth. It stands unsupported. Only lies need to be surrounded by a supporting cast of bollox, marketing and propaganda.

Which got me thinking about my favourite Bitchboy purveyor of stupid hair, stupid shades and stupid clothes.

If as have I mused earlier, the Manhattan big sticks are ceremonial, then the clown with the heels will not be lighting anything off. However I do entertain the thought that Roth might have decided it is time to create a ritual for their use. As usual Roth/Rock previous behaviour will give a strong indication of future likely conduct and where that might be. Good old fashioned Human Resources bollox.

As usual anywhere Orthodox Christian and as a long shot Manila. Either of these will further their ChiComm grasshopper’s further rise.