Saturday, 27 November 2010

Oktyabr'skaya revolyutsiya

SALTED Muppet and his mare troughing at the Communitarian pigsty and the miners all dead.

Smolensk? More shirts messing with our minds in the east as usual.

Barry your African countrymen think there might be lessons for you to learn. Fuckedwitz bankster bitches.

I was yakking with a mate of mine during the week that, as I related before, viewed from a certain angle all the dead men were simply used in a holding action whilst the global elite arranged the pawns on the board to further the New World Singularity.

A dark and evil place with no where to go.

Indeed if the nonlinears are adjusted just so, the Second Big One was simply extrememe travel restrictions on the UK population.

The current plan is to introduce this restiction again, slowly, using commerical tools like Carbon trading and airtransport wreckers like Ryan Air. Go on; by the time the Leperachaun is finished, all European airports will be deer meadows with a Ziggurat parked in the middle. No one will be travelling anywhere. No need for “Papiere, bitte!”

In the USofA the same collapse of free travel by a free people will be achieved by IKEA style cattle wagon queueing, Einsatz and Sonder Kommando duty of care and trauma trained SS inspired civil policing of a suspect population courtesy of the EUSSRUN operatives from the Pripyet Marshes.

It is absolutely beyond the PALE now.

Communitarian afflicted fucktards. Always in gangs. Always gangsters. Always talking shit.

Djinn inspirited nonsensevil.

Where is the Djinn now?

Well it was obviously installed here for the period 1800-2000 or so. It may even have been parked earlier if Adam Smith, Ollie Cromwell or Henry VIII is taken into account.

What can be said is that for the two centuries 1800-2000 the pestilence that afflicts the world was directed from there and through the sub office in NYC/DC. If we further understand that the Djinn has been carried over the millenia from Babylon and before that from the highlands of Kurdistan then we should not be surprised to find its disciples causing havoc in a Northern European construct dominated by industrial, not pastoral, consideration.

The 4th Reich and The Third Temple may be at hand.

Now then does that make you sit up and tweek the non-linears to take a closer look at the events in Mittel Europe circa 1935-45?