Wednesday, 3 November 2010

More Maximissimus Max

The Report went on the blink yesterday and I did wonder if it was terminus for Maximissimus but no it must have been a technical glitch.

This is a classic.

Good man; at least he's remained cogent.

I however am seriously thinking of starting my own occult psychopathy, it isn't hard that's why the gear is hidden in the mystery schools, to take out the sheeple and TPTB. As far as I can see they deserve each other.

I'm going to start by erecting a henge, not Georgia Guide Stones fuckwittery, a real henge, on Hadley Common. On the Hadley Henge I will inscribe the names of the 53 people who will be left to enjoy the peace after I’ve finished my great work.

As far as I can see the subprimates need cleared from their hovels and temples.