Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Whilst the banks are falling. Whilst the shells are falling . What about ISAF? What benefits are there to be had by embroiling a pauperised, logistically failing and Fifth column riven NATO in a Ðiên Biên Phú episode?

Who wants us there anyway?

Well one of the things we can say with certainty is that the guys that lead us into this war crime and the guys who keep us knee deep in dead troopers and civilians are totally and utterly rubbish at anything they turn their hands to. They are the Beavis and Buttheads of the Western world. They could not get rid of their virginities in a gin sodden knocking shop in the midst of an orgy. They are completely unfit for any purpose. Except for the fifth comumnists who designed this part of the destruction of the West. Guys like the PNAC fools and NEOCON clowns. Sleekit wee traitors skulking far away from the gunfire and sniper. Deep in the restaurant bunkers, bistro trenches and Broadway beachheads.

However the iPod generation nestling deep within their serene unwavering certainty of ignorance are absolutley no iDea’d.

It would certainly help any Fistminister in waiting to have a complete fiasco unfold very soon, as far as UK plc is concerned. Firstly the local loyal Aboriginals would be traumatised and unable to stop the complete highjacking of the remnants of the UK parliamentary system by religiocriminal weirdos transported in by the millions by the communitarian clowns in the commie dumping ground known as New Labour by the war criminals Blair and Brown.

Never in the field of public administration has so much treason been done to so many by so few.

Right at this minute the secret planning is under way to make sure that UK plc has as many of its parliamentary constituencies removed from what we Aboriginals would recognise as democracy. Jerrymandering may have existed in the past for the pursuit of filthy lucre but the rich loam of the New Labour Traitors has allowed religiocriminals to finally get the Kingdom swamped.

For the EUSSR the prospect would suite the 4th Reich which will be reverting to a Ribbentrop/Molotov axis as the Med is handed over to the RCE/TA. You know what that territory covers? All you do is take a long boat from Tyre and sail for Cork about 3500 years ago. Or take a fast luxury yacht from the St Catherine’s Dock(RCE/LC) today and set sail for RCE/TA, that will bring the PIIGS into your itinerary.

USofA corp? TSA is already shutting you off from the world. Just like the good old days when the Commies and Nazis played their roles in shutting peoples off from each other before the killing started. And if you are listening really carefully USofA corp you’ll hear the siren voices grooming you. Just listen to who’s not going to be travelling by air anymore.

We are now living in Russia around 1910. Their experience will now be ours. The same confusion. The same dangers, real and perceived, imagined and fomented. False hopes and hidden assassins. Chaos and stasis.

The banksters’ spell has been cast upon us. We are under black magic rule.

iCommunism is back and the iGreen youth are too green to know.