Thursday, 25 November 2010

Colony buy Grace and Favour

Homes for Ceremonial Weapons

Some old.

Some new.


Just to make sure you get the message, here’s something I reiterated earlier. Got that? What the Grace and Favour GGT leaseholders in the Cotswolds won’t tell you is that we’ve gone Phoenecian finally. After 3000 years struggle it is all over.

Some things that give the game away?

Germany getting ready to bang out of the Single Currency?

Rothschild Corporate Entity Tel Aviv securing the Med for future operations involving extended people trafficking from Nth Africa to Europe.

Greece, the old Mediterranean enemy, finally taken down.

Hapsburgs getting a greater grip in USofA corp.

The GREEN Ponzi scheme is clearly established in ChiCommLand and will be rolled into SW Asia once we’ve been booted out.

A purge must be way overdue in the West because we are all getting too uppity, what with us noticing that the bitchboys and boybitches have been taking us for fools over the past 100 years or so with their faux democratic movements. Movements which were all cover for their ritualistic slaughter of human beings, whether in the womb or under a bomb.




Civilians and bystanders; we’ll get it as well.


Mao again.


Same people, same modus.

Religiokriminalbanksters the lot.

Two opposing systems my arse.

Over the top of everything from the Boxer rebellion until this very day there are the Commintern Bankers. The ReligioKriminalRats.

It never stopped.

The fuel for all this chaos and chicanery is OUR attention. Oh yes, it is our responsibility, though I will mitigate our culpability by explaining that we are unwittingly invited into this religiocriminal complex.

To start off trying to explain what I believe is going on here I invite you to consider what I said when explaining the role of wankstators and the concept of the Herd Attention Space.

What I didn’t make clear is that the HAS is a hypnotic state into which we have been selected for and the wonderful park in which the beautiful wankstators stand is an imaginary construct created by those who possess a Reduced Instruction Set Complex or psychopathy. The ReligioKriminalRats.

The dynamic sustaining the HAS is a never ending process, it expands and is driven by a religiocriminal core stretching back thousands of years into the bowels of the temples in Mesopotamia, who seek to have us worship them through ritual and ceremony. The key part of this ritual is the peculiarly impecuniary death of millions regularly and through this ceremony they select for the worshippers who will be allowed into the HAS and inhabit the beautiful parklands. Each parkland tuned to the harmonics of a particular dream state for the HAS prisoners. Within each parkland the specific wankstators will keep the minds bedazzled and the spirits suppressed so that worship can continue for ever and ever Amun Hotep.

In the above discussion of wankstators I described, and in a later update, political wankstators. However wankstators are everywhere. Go on; list your favourite soap star, film star, pop star, artist, novelist, freedom fighter, business hero, chatterati, religiousinistra. Go on name me one in any sphere, in any of the parklands that the Affliction reigns over, that bucks the meme.

The colony is an instrument of Affliction projecting into human society with the ultimate aim of killing the variegated and diverse, reducing the target society to ruin and bringing the remainder into the parklands of the Reduced Instruction Sets. Where the beautiful wankstators rotate and reciprocate.

The Colony has taken down the Colonies and is set on injecting the Affliction into the remaining victims.

Go on guess who’s Ford Foundation mare mummy was knee deep in microfinance initiatives run out of Hawaii? That’s correct USofA corp the Ford Foundation alien in the Whitehouse. Now do you get what I wrote about the Colony taking down the Colonies? Not just the Colonies but the old Hapsburg lands in Texas and California, the Sun King’s lands in the Louisiana purchase and of course the Colony Queen’s Lands in New England and Chicago.

However I digress, let us get back to the HAS alternatively known as the Reduced Instruction Set Criminal Community or RISCC space.

The characteristic of the reality we inhabit is a constant enforcment of limiting possibilities and opportunites for the many, a constriction of horizons and a ritualised cull celebrated by a religiofinanced violence. All achieved through a process of total confusion for the masses using conflicting signals and perverted information designed to destroy trust and societal cohesion. That fact alone tells you that all economic theory is quite simply bollox. Keeping the mind muse from boiling over and the herd getting restless as the theives circle is the job of the expensively created wankstators. Soothing ear shine and eye music piped 24/7 into your every awake and unawake hour.

All to stop us noting the never ending enterprise of the most modern incarnation of the killing machine. The USofA corp. military/industrial/congressional complex infiltrated by dual national Kazars. Just like Weimar Germany. Just like Imperial Russia. That hermetic memetic slipped to them from Babelyon all those centuries ago makes them ideal societal saboteurs. Willing apostles of the Djinn. Vector of the Affliction. Never has so much shit been spewed forth by so few, into the world, in such a short time. Go on name me a Chicago School, Frankfurt School, Nudge nudge wink wink economist, Commie, feminist, Nazi, shrink, Abortionist, artist, Federal Reservist, Beatnik, Pornographer, social theorist, educational theorist, community organiser, Nationalist, banker, gangster, trafficker or any significant former dweller of the Pripyet Marshes that hasn’t sought to sabotage and steal our gear, move in alien populations for their slaving racket run out of the Rothschild Corporate Enmity/ Tel Aviv or get everyone else to die whilst they kidded on they were refugee intellectuals. All so they never have to do a single hours work ever in their useless lives. Go on.

Then to excite the chaotic stasis even further the Djinn as Loki turns up. Remember DIcke’s little remark about one of the signatures of the system at work is the Keystone Cop routine heaving into view? Here’s is an abject beauty. Absolutely everything about this stinks of the Djinn’s servants at play with suffering humanity. Go on, try and think this through. That’s correct we are back in deliberate confusion, stasis, directionless leadership and humanity wide open to Djinn attack. If I’m mistaken then the Pope is a Nazi.

The good news for UK plc is a double edged sword. CoE is heading for destruction. Well if you base your religion on the proclivities of a degenrate King being run by a bunch on Djinned Venetians what do you expect!

True the latest defence cuts suggest that there is in the appreciation of Rothschilds and their strategists no existential threat to the vast Riding/Chase that will constitute the British Isles from Cork to John O’Groats, from Belfast to Hastings. The global elite will come here to play and the Abos will wait on their pleasure. That is the cold bowl of sick served to the scum staff of the servile NOAHide economy.

The down side is that the Abos are literally going to get their cunts kicked if they so much as whimper about their so called rights. The Abos have been getting dis/replaced for well over 4 centuries and the very recent arrival of the unintended urban slaves in the past 2 centuries has taken a lot of work by the religiokriminals to get the serfs neutered and firmly back into their place. One wrong move and the ZOMO will kill you, the Secret Lead Pill Pharmacy will remove you for cryptoexecution or the INGSOC will kill your stippended so called career in the rigid rigged hierarchy. Oh and if you breed out of turn you’ll be dragged down the abattoir by your fellow serviles.

UK plc is going ChiCommland and the slobs are too X-Fuckturd to see it.

I love these MSM bowel seizures. These constipated flickerings from the magic lantern. The NOAHide courts dressed up as entertainment. Actually I jest. I forlornly hope against hope that somewhere in The Database there is a list of TV studios that will be visited one day by ballotechnic students of the madrassas and the whole talentless bunch of gurning goons, the rancid product of religiokriminal fiat money flooding of our attention space, the detritus of a society based on the unknowing certainty and arrogance of ignorance will be spun away in a cleansing vortex of retribution.

How any of the judges that sit on these shows can possibly claim our worship, they have been chosen after all for their ability to churn nothing as quickly as possible to keep the funny money game going, says volumes about their perverted world view and our blindedness. They gave one poor slob a hard time this weekend for being shit, just like them. What did they expect to be judging. Baroque Castrati? A task for which they would be singularly unfit no matter how many lives they were given and how much training lavished upon them at the expense of others.

Utter, utter rubbish accorded the highest rewards from a political economy that has turned 100% Racketeering Influenced and Currupted Organisation. A society that is completely worthless and would have us reflect its values and absorb its nothingness deep into our being.

RICO RISCC, so much for the great diversity of the modern world. One world, one thought, one modus. Think otherwise and you die.

Fuck off!

There is nothing to sustain the soul in anything paid for, transacted for, obtained from a market maker/ market fakir/ market fucker or bartered for. Anything monetised is touched by the Djinn. That’s why NICE gets to put a dollar value on your life. Why, in the great big universal spreadsheet, your cell will get snuffed out once you stop playing the monetising game. Why the National Death Service’s stealth eugenics haunts your every second in the public/private Soylent Green factories of the Fascist medical state. Where the chimnies and flues never stop smoking after the stem cells and the body parts have been sent into the Djinn’s marked market.

What is to bring joy to us when atomised, singular, lonely, stripped and bared individuals are sent up against a Star Chamber of prepped and readied sychophants who have no interest in our wellbeing because by the simple fact that you are presented before them they know you have no other choice? They recognise the system that animates their hollow breathing and vacuous minds has blasted all other means of obtaining tokens of exchange to oblivion for us. Right on plan. Just as in the old Derren Brown trick of showing us how to win on the horses; it is a numbers game. The empty legend and premise needs to show a winner or two to keep the promise true. We don’t get to see the millions of broken and failed attempts by the unlimited mass of increasingly desperate people. All these winners in a non existent fabrication, soon to be abandoned to join the losers.

Step out of the Colony’s RICO RISCC wonderlands, ignore the wankstators. Ignore the GGT. Reject the ugly.

There is no money, never has been. Neither fiat fancy, gold, silver, iron or beads. There is no economics, no econometrics, no accountancy. NOTHING there. All value in things is a ritual created for the ceremony to have us slaved in worship. The very attempt at enjoying the trinkets, junkets and constructs that the Afflicted wish to keep to themselves is all an illusion to entrap us. Reject the stunted in their RICO RISCC temporal state.

Give it up. We have the choice. They are shutting the parklands, we are not wanted.

It is going to be a long trek but everything is now possible for us, not the RICO RISCC. They won’t like it and the route will as usual stage through Lalaland since the universe is on side. Expect evil, expect betrayal, expect disappointment, expect all the devices and trappings to be deployed to take some of us away back into the trinket infested void but the mere fact we start to think this way means we have succeeded. Oh how they hate that, thinking.


Enjoy the freedom at last. Favour grace and beauty.