Thursday, 14 January 2010

Gutless Wonder.

I’ll translate this for you.

“10 years ago we set about a process to finally subsume the British State and this is the plan to get UK armed forces used to being nothing more than Euro cannon fodder.


They will be unemployed, their demographics will match where we aim to “peace keep” and our aims are secret.”

Cruel but true. Only the appropriately educated British could fall for this.

Note there will be no Royal Navy, just a Joint Franco-British command. Anyone who knows how Franco-British projects end up knows we get the destroyed factories and they get the jobs.

Also note that there are no nukes mentioned. They’ll say that’s because this is a “special” category.

No this is because as part of the plan to stuff 50million Maghreb rent seekers down our throats if we put any politicians in place with backbone they’ll get blackmailed. So our nuclear capability is to be removed.

It is OK for Israel, Turkey & Saudi Arabia to have nukes on standby aimed at our capitals but we are not to be allowed any.

The process has started, bye bye Trident. As I asked last summer, are we to become part of Euro Med or Euro Baltic? Euro Med it is, our Venetian masters must be laughing, 500 years of planning to get the Med as their lake again has come through.

Get this straight this is part of a plan to wipe European Civilisation from the planet and from history.