Sunday, 31 January 2010

The gates are shutting?

General Patton was advised by his father to stay in the military, when he considered leaving in the 1930s, because there was a Big One coming.

General McArthur is, reputedly, reported as saying “I’ll be back” as he evacuated from the Philippines after the Japanese invasion. I always mused that he had seen the results of the Orange team' performance in the Big Pac Fleet exercises in the 1930’s where the Ladies Lex and Sara practiced big fleet carrier task force manoeuvres. He knew what the secret maps showed.

I’ve never seen a real war start and I’ve no idea about how a real war stops.

What I do know now is that what comes out in MSM is not the way it actually takes place.

The first thing they do is say “The gates are closed, you cannot move or leave. We are at war”

And WE always start it after a considerable period of stooging and setting up.

Are the gates shutting? I think they are.

Too many people in authority are actually saying that we are in a national war situation over this past 12-18 months, but not in MSM.