Sunday, 10 January 2010

Crystals Testicles, seed of the Future.

Now that we’re into the New Year proper it’s time to cast the eye out ahead and get ready for some real humdingers that will be trying to destroy our peace and quiet.

The brain swapped puppy in No10 keeps pissing all over us and needs to be taken out behind the tractor shed and given both barrels. It is striking how quickly it all went down hill, kind of like Orson Wells, a career progression in reverse. Greatness to grave in one long slide into the jibber.

If we get that hung parliament that they are grooming us for, then that’s us locked into interminable internecine squabbling as TPTB get on with the quiet work of converting the world into a slave planet.

The question that raises itself here is will it be their slave planet? Yeah, bet you don’t entertain that thought too often do you?

However the plans of grey mice and inhabited carbon based life forms are not set in stone, so I thought I’d let you have a sqweek at some possible pears being shaped.

First thing is to cast your peepers on the doc I’ve slung over on The Stoker’s place, H/T 4Winds, which is parked their because Blogger cannot handle it for me.

The document should be looked on as a rule of thumb when thinking about the plans TPTB have. From King Solomon to 2010AD is the twinkling of an eye. This is especially true of GOLD.

So let’s scare ourselves to death. Remember 9 out of 10, Million to one shots, come off. However only one in a billion doomsday scenarios actually come to pass. That’s the way I rationalise it anyway.

Still no harm in looking out to the horizon and away from crap skaters on telly, eh?

In no particular order of preference we have.

Russia cuts off natural gas to Eastern Europe: Russia would enter a deep dispute with Eastern European nations, in particular Ukraine, and cuts off the flow of natural gas. Disputes center on return to the Russian fold from the independent factions encouraged by the Untied States motivated by the many Color Revolutions. Caught in the middle, at the end of the distribution lines, is Central Europe, whose ties forged by Germany to Russia remain healthy and strong. Russia later forges an alliance with Central Europe that results in some stability, as it becomes clear that Russia has come of age as a peacemaker with further ramifications in time. (chance: 50%)

Greece defaults on its debt: Great problems would result for the parent European Union, sure to fracture. Germany lets it go, does not cover the Greek debt, but employs plausible deniability on minimal offered assistance. A chain reaction begins, to reach the other vulnerable nations. Portugal, Italy, and Spain teeter upon the event, soon to suffer their own defaults, none aided. Even France suffers the ignominy of default, but is aided by Germany in the end, unlike the PIGS nations. The crux of the matter is refinance rollover of debt, which fails. The non-German EuroBonds then rise in yields, enough to force a split in the Euro currency to form the Nordic Core Euro. Default nations revert to their old former currencies and suffer massive devaluations. (chance: 80%)

Mexico fails as a state: The conditions in Mexico would become fully recognized and openly discussed. Two factors are front & center. The rise of the drug cartels in their control of the nation in numerous aspects is already global news. The unexpected net import of crude oil that ruins the nation's federal finances is not yet global news. The former has been understood, but the loss of oil exports takes the region by total surprise. Hyper-inflation then hits Mexico, which prints money to alleviate the federal budget shortfall. Chaos results on numerous levels. Supply disruption hits the US southern refineries. (chance: 70%)

Food prices soar in the US: The divergence between official crop forecasts would clash with the reality of crop failures and profound shortages this summer. Being the greatest food production source, the US crisis spreads globally. The deCarbonnel threat is realized, as foreign nations sell US$-based assets in order to finance food supply purchases. China enters the fray as a buyer of distressed farm property, amidst accusations of carpetbagger. (chance: 80%)

London metals exchange shuts down: The venerable London Bullion Market Assn would close, unable to fulfill gold orders. The varied stories continue regarding unorthodox practices from the London metals exchange in the month of December, like redemption of gold contracts in cash, like outsized demands for gold delivery mainly by Chinese entities but increasingly by the Swiss, like satisfaction of gold contracts with Street Tracks GLD shares, and much more. Scrutiny with assays upon high volume delivery have been standard since the tungsten gold story emerged, an indirect confirmation often ignored. The supply chain with intermediaries suddenly halts, as they too have no gold bullion to supply the LBMA. Companies shut down. Lawsuits result. Prosecutions begin. Midlevel officials are arrested. Some turn state's evidence. The gold price enters a state of extreme confusion, with vast discrepancies between paper gold price and physical gold price. (chance: 70%)

And especially for Nos 10 & 11 “PAY ATTENTION"

UKGovt suffers a debt downgrade: The United Kingdom would be the first major industrialized nation to lose its high credit rating. The UKGilt bond yields then rise above 6% without pause. The threat of sovereign debt default is debated. The British Pound currency falls, which perversely aids the USDollar. Shock waves extend to the Wall Street financial center. Later, scrutiny comes to the USTreasury for its own downgrade and default risk. (chance: 50%)

H/T all above bollock gazing to Jim Willie

Whoa, hold on you lot I haven’t finished yet.

Here’s a place that claims close to 90% on its “predictions”. There’s good news and bad news though.

In you go.

Right then I feel better now.